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storm damageYesterday’s severe storm weather impacted residences of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska. In fact four tornadoes were reported in northeastern Colorado as well as hail measuring up to 1.75 inches. Meteorologist have reported accounts of down trees and power lines as well as severe winds. Hail damage has been recorded in many areas of the state, including the Denver metro area. Here at Elite Roofing we have already heard from a number of homeowners and commercial building owners in need of roof inspections.

Does Your Roof Need a Repair or Replacement?             

If your home or business was impacted by Tuesday’s weather, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected for damage. As we kick off the summer thunderstorm season in Colorado, it is important to ensure the integrity of your property. Don’t allow another severe storm to leave you and your loved ones in danger, allow us to provide a complimentary roof inspection today!

Extreme Weather & Roof Damage

As one of the leading Denver roofing companies, we are very familiar with the damage these spring and summer storms typically leave in their wake. From gale force winds to flash floods and hail damage, these storms often pack a big punch. Minor weaknesses in your roof can become big problems in the eye of one of these storms. This is precisely why we encourage property owners to regularly inspect the health of their roofing systems. Not sure what to look for? That’s where we come in! With 15 years of combine experience in the roofing industry, we are prepared to provide an objective assessment of the health of your roof.

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Today!

Once your roof has sustained damaged, it is simply not equipped to withstand another severe storm. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary roof inspection. Learn about your options and take the steps to proactively protect your property!

If you would like more tips on maintaining the integrity of your roof, follow our blog. As your go-to Denver roofing specialists, we are here to keep you informed!

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