Elite Roofing’s Donation Program Helps JAKOB Youth Outreach

The entire Elite family is committed to giving back to our community and we could not be prouder to be involved with JAKOB. Founded by Peder Wilkinson, an all-around wonderful person and one of our top sales people, JAKOB is giving back to our local community in countless ways. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Peder about JAKOB, its mission and his vision for the future.

JAKOB is a youth outreach program founded to foster passion in today’s youth. It all started with a conversation between Peder and a longtime friend

JAKOB Youth Outreach Child

JAKOB Youth Outreach Child

“Jakob has been my heart for a long time. It started when a friend of mine overseas was telling me about a youth ministry he wanted to start with an emphasis on worship that came out of Psalm 24:6, “Such is a generation of those who seek him, who seek the face of the God of JAKOB.”

This stuck with Peder. Over the years, he started feeling like this was God’s heart for the upcoming generation as a whole; a generation of worshipers. Peder also began to think about those kids who don’t get the opportunity go to church and how they too need to develop their own unique worshipful gift; whether it be music, art, or some other kind of cool activity. Peder then started to find ways to transfer his mission to the greater community.

Having had a troubled past and struggles growing up, Peder knew that something like this would have helped him immensely. From here, JAKOB was born. Today JAKOB is a place for the whole community to learn exciting new things, regardless of background or belief and have fun in a safe, supportive community. Finally, participants hold worship in the evening, for those who wish to stay and incorporate what they’ve learned in their daytime activities.

JAKOB Youth VolunteersThe impact JAKOB is having on our local youth, and their adult volunteers in immeasurable. Peder’s plans for the future of JAKOB is “to reach and serve as many as we can and hopefully change as many lives as possible for the better, cultivating and developing creative and artistic gifts in each person, and creating a loving, safe, and edifying community, to the glory of Jesus.”

When Peder is not fulfilling his dreams with JAKOB, he is serving as an integral member of the Elite team. He first began working at Elite after becoming interested in the roofing industry and hearing radio commercial for Elite on WAY-FM, a local Christian radio station. He reached out and quickly became a member of the Elite family.

Since joining the team, Randy, Brie, Debbie, Cody, and the whole Elite community have been very supportive of JAKOB. After placing JAKOB on the Elite Roofing donation program list, charitable donations from the Elite community have helped get the growing non-profit off the ground. In fact, these donations have been one JAKOB’s primary sources of income enabling Peder and team to buy musical instruments, a skateboard halfpipe, Jiu-Jitsu mats and more for the center. If you would like to learn more about JAKOB or to become involved, check them out on Facebook or call 720.515.5813.

Elite Roofing Donation Program

Giving back has been an essential component of the Elite corporate culture since we first opened our doors more than a decade ago. Our founders have always placed a major emphasis on giving back to the greater Colorado community. We understand that we owe our success to the people of our community and we intend to do everything we can to make it an even better place to live, play and raise a family. Helping organizations like JAKOB enables us to do just that. Stay tuned for more updates on how the Elite Roofing donation program is helping great organizations like JAKOB positivity impact our community.

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