Project Spotlight: Downtown Denver EPDM Replacement

Elite Was Called in for a Repair Turned Full EPDM Roofing Installation

When it comes to commercial roofing projects, it’s important to work with a local contractor who understands not just commercial roofing systems, but the codes and regulations unique to your area. In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at an EPDM roofing installation as a prime example.

Elite Roofing & Solar was initially called in to make a repair to an existing EPDM roof. However, as our team inspected the damaged area, we quickly determined that the roof wasn’t up to code, necessitating a full EPDM roof repair and installation of a new roofing system that would meet code. Here’s how this project turned out!

Background & Client: A Damaged Denver Commercial Property  

For this project, Elite Roofing was called in by a local general contractor. As it turns out, however, we were called in not for the building they were working on, but the neighboring commercial property.

The roof of the building we were to inspect, a commercial furniture warehouse, had been severely damaged when a fire next door caused a brick structure to collapse onto their roof. This caused significant damage to their EPDM roofing system, and the Elite team was called in to consult. During inspection, however, we turned up a much more significant issue, and our team’s in-depth knowledge of local commercial building codes caused this client to hire us for the project.

The Problem: A Damaged Roof Not Up to Code

Though we were initially called in to inspect the damaged area of the roof and recommend necessary repairs, this would ultimately turn into a more major roofing project. Our team of expert roofers inspected the area of the roof that had been damaged, and during the inspection we determined that this roof wasn’t up to code.

Part of Denver roofing codes for commercial buildings includes the energy requirements, which stipulates that roofing systems must have a certain amount of insulation. We immediately noticed that the insulation on the damaged area of the roof fell short of this portion of the building codes, which meant the entire roof wasn’t up to code either. As a result, more extensive repairs and replacement of the existing EPDM was needed.

The Solution: Full EPDM Roofing Installation

Our solution for the client was to complete a full EPDM roofing installation to restore the damage, protect their business, and bring the roof up to code. We recommended the commercial-grade EPDM membrane from Versico, which is a rubber-based roofing product. This product both met the commercial roofing needs of our client and matched the existing roof, which was built as an EPDM roofing system during initial installation. 

EPDM roofing in the process of installation

The Result: A New Commercial Roof

In the end, we were able to leave this roof not just in a better state than we found it in, but fully restored and brought up to code. The new EPDM roofing installation ensured compliance with Denver’s energy requirements. Meanwhile, during installation our team ensured other portions of the roof were brought up to code, including raising an HVAC curb that did not meet Denver’s snow load requirements.

Our clients were highly satisfied with the new roofing system, and we were glad to be able to lend our commercial roofing expertise to restore and update this roof.

Elite Roofing: EPDM Roofing Installation Experts

Here at Elite Roofing, we have decades of experience not just in commercial roofing, but in Denver roofing as well. Our expertise gives us in-depth knowledge on commercial roofing systems and building codes that must be met to comply with the City of Denver’s restrictions on roofing. 

EPDM roofing is just one of the many commercial materials we install here at Elite. If you’re in need of a new commercial roof, our qualified professionals will work with you to choose the right roofing system that will meet the needs of your roof’s design, as well as your business and budget. Contact us today to get started!

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