Roofing Coating Project Spotlight: Everything for Offices

How Elite and Gaco silicone roofing solved a troublesome roof for Everything for Offices

At Elite Roofing, a major part of what we do as roofers is finding the best solution for a client’s roofing needs. In this project spotlight, we’re taking a look back at our work on the 38,000-square-foot Everything For Offices building in Aurora, Colorado. This commercial roofing project involved solving a number of problems for the client, and in the end Gaco silicone roofing products were able to do the job perfectly. Let’s take a look at how this major commercial roof restoration came together!

Background: Everything for Offices and a leaking flat roof

Our client for this project was Everything For Offices, a Colorado-based new and used office furniture store headquartered in Aurora. Three years prior to this project, Everything For Offices had purchased a new commercial building for their business, a 38,000-square-foot commercial building with a flat roofing system. 

Unfortunately, this building’s flat roof was old and leaky, and their current efforts weren’t effective. According to co-owner Mike Paulin, “We tried patching some of the leaks, but over time they were getting worse and more annoying.” Clearly, Everything For Offices needed a better solution!

Their needs: a sustainable, safe, and leak-free roof

Paulin and his team had a handful of needs, with several roofers vying for the opportunity to solve them. The most pressing need, of course, was for a roofer to address the leaks in the roof—not just by patching over them, but by providing a long-term solution. The client also wanted this new roof to be more sustainable, reducing their business’s carbon footprint and saving on energy costs. Finally, the restored roof needed to be durable and safe, protecting workers at Everything For Offices as well as the merchandise inside the building.

Our solution: Gaco silicone roofing

The Elite Roofing team won the project with a solution that not only solved all of  these problems but also offered lasting solutions to avoid similar issues in the future. Our team used Gaco Silicone roofing products to restore and coat the old, leaking flat roof of the building, completely addressing the leak issue while protecting the building below. The project took about 2 weeks to complete.

Why Gaco silicone roofing?

We chose Gaco silicone roofing products for this project as they provided a host of benefits that effectively addressed each of the client’s specific needs. Gaco is a leading innovator in the roofing industry. What’s more, Gaco roof coatings are specifically designed to renew weathered, damaged, and leaking roofs such as the flat roof on the new Everything For Offices building. This roofing system can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, and the product creates a seamless membrane that coats the roof to resist water and other inclement weather.

In addition to solving the leak issue, Gaco silicone roofing is also highly durable, as it can hold up to UV rays, withstand ponding water, and resist mold and mildew. This greatly improved the safety and efficacy of the building’s roof. Finally, the white color of Gaco silicone roofing reflects heat, providing a more eco-friendly roofing solution for this building.

Elite Roofing Can Restore Your Commercial Roof with Gaco Silicone Roofing!

Upon completion of the project, the Everything For Offices team had a completely leak-free roof that would protect their employees, merchandise, and business. “We couldn’t be happier with our decision,” said Paulin. “We no longer have any leaks and we don’t have to worry about the products in our warehouse getting damaged.”

If your commercial roof is leaking, weathered, or otherwise damaged, the expert commercial roofers at Elite Roofing can help! We offer a complete selection of commercial roofing services, including professional roof coatings using Gaco silicone and other reliable roof coating products. Our commercial roofing solutions can add years to the life of your roof and prevent costly repairs and replacements. Contact us today to get started!

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