Great Look at Extreme Hail Damage on an Asphalt Roof in Highlands Ranch

What does extreme hail damage look like on an asphalt shingle? Just like this…

Colorado has had an enormous amount of hail, both in size and the number of times we’ve seen hail this year! Recently, we inspected a roof in Highlands Ranch, Colorado where we encountered the worst roof we have seen in a long time! To be fair, this roof was the original roof on the home which was built in 1994 and the insurance inspector was fairly certain that the roof had never been replaced.


We’re just thankful the roof hadn’t started leaking yet! With hail damage like this, it’s hard to say how much more the roof could have taken without losing its integrity. Once you have a leak, then you have to start worrying about mold which is a whole other ball of wax!

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