Inspecting and Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Keeping your commercial roof in good repair is a key part of protecting your livelihood. And when it comes to extending the life of your roof, nothing beats a solid inspection and maintenance routine. But what should this entail? As professional commercial roofing contractors, our Elite Roofing team has helped many business owners with roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs. While we’re always here to help with your commercial roofing needs, we feel it’s important for business owners to also play an active role in roof maintenance. So today, we’re sharing a few important tips for inspecting and maintaining your commercial roof.

Minimize walking on your roof

One simple thing you can do for your roof is to be careful about walking on it—or avoid doing so altogether. For those who aren’t commercial roofing contractors, walking on a roof can cause damage that will shorten the roof’s lifespan. One way around this is to install walk pads on your roof. Walk pads are stabilized independently of your roof’s construction, enabling you and others (such as technicians servicing air conditioning units) to move about more freely without causing damage. In lieu of walking pads, you can still perform cursory visual inspections of your roof from the ground or with a sturdy ladder.

Watch for water

As any professional contractors can tell you, water is the mortal enemy of commercial roofing systems. These roofs tend to have a much lower pitch than residential roofing systems. Thus, it’s easy for a deteriorating or faulty commercial roof to start allowing water to accumulate, potentially resulting in leaks, mold, mildew, or other issues. If you notice standing water on your roof long after a rainstorm passes, there is likely an issue with your roof’s drainage system. Of course, water stains on interior ceilings also point to issues with drainage. In either case, it’s important to have a professional roofer fix the problem promptly.

Keep it clean

Debris on your roof can cause myriad problems. For instance, fallen leaves are a common commercial roofing issue in autumn. This is because the leaves clog drains and gutters after rain, making them a potential culprit for the ponding water problem mentioned above. Branches, rocks, and dirt should also be kept to a minimum. As with leaves, dirt and dust can clog drainage systems, while other loose materials can promote algae growth, accelerating roof deterioration.

Focus on the details

For those who aren’t professional roofers, it can be easy to look at the main surface of your roof and simply call it a day. However, there are other parts of your roof that should be regularly inspected and maintained to avoid problems in the future. This includes your roof’s drainage system, as discussed above, and components such as flashing.

Flashing is a critical part of your roof’s structural integrity and drainage system. On a commercial roof, flashing can both keep materials such as single-ply membrane secured and also direct water away from seams and other critical areas. Thus, as you inspect your roof, watch out for loose or damaged pieces of flashing, and have any damaged portions repaired promptly.

Establish a relationship with commercial roofing contractors

While you might think you only need to call commercial roofing contractors when you’re in need of a commercial roof repair, or replacement, the truth is establishing a working relationship can be a very beneficial move. Rather than using up precious time picking a roofing company when you urgently need one, you and your preferred roofing company can form a lasting partnership to prolong the life of your commercial roof.

So, how do you choose a professional roofing contractor? The best roofing companies will:

  • Be locally based
  • Have a great deal of experience
  • Come highly recommended and well-reviewed
  • Have the right licensing and credentials
  • Communicate promptly and clearly

Elite Roofing: Leading Denver Commercial Roofing Contractors

At Elite Roofing, we’ve helped business owners throughout the Denver metro area keep their commercial roofs in tiptop shape. We offer free roofing inspections to make sure your roof weathered the latest Denver storms, and our professional team is standing by to address any roofing problems that may arise. What’s more, as a locally based roofing company, we have firsthand experience with preparing roofs for the worst weather Colorado can muster. If you’re in need of a repair or simply looking to improve your roof maintenance routine, contact Elite Roofing today!

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