Project Spotlight: A Roof Replacement for Lennox Guest Home

How the Elite Roofing & Solar team replaced the roof of Lennox Guest Home here in Denver

Here at Elite Roofing & Solar, we love to share our most interesting roofing projects with our readers. Projects can be interesting for a variety of reasons, from the materials used to the construction of the roof to the sheer scale of the project.

What made today’s Project Spotlight interesting, among other things, was the client. We built a completely new roof, reconfigured the gutter system, and added new balcony coatings at Lennox Guest Home, an assisted living facility that provides mental healthcare for elders. This project called on many of our skills as roofers, and we used a variety of materials, including GAF Timberline HDZ shingles, Castagra Ecodur coating, and more. We enjoyed the challenge and were glad for the opportunity to help out!

Background and client

For this project, our client was Lori Hamilton, whose family has been running the Lennox Guest Home for many years. Lennox Guest Home is an assisted living facility that provides mental healthcare to elderly residents in Denver.

Several years prior, we had replaced the roof on her home, which was damaged by hail. Remembering our great work, Lori reached out to us regarding slipping/falling concerns with the surface of the home’s balcony patio. After inspecting the balcony, we also took a look at the shingle roof, and the inspection revealed significant hail damage.

As she was no longer insured by the company that provided coverage during the loss event, we assisted her in contacting the prior carrier, making sure they covered the loss and restored her property. With the scope of the project now set, it was time to get to work!

The project

Our first task was to solve the falling hazard at the facility’s balcony. The client needed us to resurface the balcony patio with a material that would not present a slipping risk while also providing enough durability to stand up against the elements outdoors. Ultimately, Castagra Ecodur seemed like the best material to accomplish this.

We also needed to replace the hail-damaged roof. For this, the client needed a shingle that would provide excellent durability without commanding a high pricetag. We recommended GAF Timberline HDZ, as this shingle is one of the best values among GAF’s reliable roofing products. For flat portions of the roof, we used Versico PVC membrane.

The challenges

Because of the building’s location, we would need several permits to allow for the necessary street closures. For the project, we needed space for our team to park and a location to bring in materials, as well as space for a dumpster to haul away the old roof during the teardown process.

The nature of the facility also provided a challenge. Roofing is typically noisy, disruptive work. However, it was important to us and our client to minimize disruptions to the residents of the facility. As a result, we did our best to complete the entire project as efficiently as possible so as not to interrupt the daily lives of residents at Lennox.

Completing the project

the newly refinished balcony at Lennox Guest Home

Before beginning work, the Elite Roofing & Solar team pulled a number of permits for the project. This included permits for the roofing work itself, street and alley closures, scaffolding and sidewalk closures, and for street parking. Getting all of this squared away was especially important to us, as failing to get proper permitting could cause delays and legal issues for both ourselves and our client.

After this, we got to work! We tore down the existing damaged roof and replaced it completely. We resurfaced the balcony, providing a much safer area for residents to work on. Amid all of this work, we also helped to completely reconfigure the facility’s gutters to improve drainage from the roof. In the end, the historical Lennox Guest Home had a brand new roof—and a great new look!

Elite Roofing & Solar: Full Service Roofer in Denver, CO

Here at Elite Roofing & Solar, when we say we’re a “full service roofer,” we really mean it! Our versatile team of experienced roofers can handle any roofing project, and our services include working with both residential materials (such as GAF Timberline HDZ) and typically commercial ones (including Ecodur Castagra and Versico PVC). We also love to use our expertise to help clients solve roofing—and even non-roofing—issues!

So when you need a team of true all-around roofing experts, call on Elite Roofing & Solar for your project. We’re standing by to take your call and provide a free initial inspection. Contact us today!

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