Meet Elite: Clayton Putman, Commercial Project Manager

Photo of Clayton Putman“Roofing done right” starts with our Elite Roofing team, and the talented professionals that comprise that team set Elite apart as a top Denver roofing company for more than a decade. While we know and love our team, our readers may be less familiar with the individuals that make Elite tick–and that’s why we started our Meet Elite blog series.

This week, we sat down with Clayton Putman, who joined our team this January. Clayton is Elite’s Commercial Project Manager, playing a key role in our commercial roofing endeavors. A native of Houston, Clayton brings a decade of experience in the roofing industry and in sales, and he hopes to help build Elite Roofing’s brand as an industry leader in the commercial roofing space. Let’s get to know Clayton!

Hometown:  Houston, TX

Current City: Aurora; has been in the Denver area for 11 years 

Job Title: Commercial Project Manager

Previous experience: Clayton has been in the roofing industry for the past 10 years. His first 5 years were spent in outside sales on the distribution side, and for 5 years following that he owned and operated a commercial and residential roofing company. Ultimately, he decided to move from his own organization and chose Elite.

Why did you choose to work for Elite Roofing?  

“My approach to business and customer service aligns completely with Elite founders Randy and Cody. When I had the chance to change organizations, Elite was at the top of the list as far as opportunities were concerned. It’s an up and coming company, already big, getting bigger, and there was a chance to help make a positive impact.”

How does your past experience help you in your role at Elite? 

According to Clayton, time in the industry is a huge thing in terms of maintaining credibility and relationships. “I know a lot of people across many organizations, companies and tiers of responsibility, so just being fully supported by Elite to go out there and pursue those opportunities should lead to a lot of success for everyone.”

What’s your favorite thing about your new role?

“I really like being a truth teller and a value adder when it comes to challenging commercial roofing situations. Decision makers and property managers really need a reliable subject matter expert. I enjoy doing just that and helping craft innovative solutions to help them accomplish their goals. Unfortunately, for many our industry has a negative reputation, with many manipulative contractors out there, we have an opportunity to do it better and bring truth and value to our community. I really aligned with Elite on that, and I am excited to change that perception.” 

What’s the most challenging aspect of your role?

“Helping Elite make a strong injection into the commercial market. There are many companies that have a strong foothold in the market already. So, it’s going to take a lot of footwork, a lot of relationship building, and a lot of value adding to build long-term and sustainable relationships in the commercial sector.”

What vision do you have for the future of Elite’s commercial division? 

“I want to see Elite recognized in the city of Denver and the state of Colorado as one of the leaders when you need a commercial roof replacement or a commercial maintenance program. I want us to be known as a responsive, educated, partner—a value adder.”

What’s your favorite thing about the commercial roofing industry?

“Every job is different, and every job requires technical knowledge and creativity. There is more than one way to skin a cat in the commercial world, versus residential roofing which sometimes has less diversity in terms of the directions projects can go.”

Favorite thing about Colorado: A love of the outdoors brought Clayton to Colorado. “Dirt biking, snowboarding, hunting, camping, all that kind of stuff.”

Favorite Sport/Team: Colorado Rockies 

Favorite hobbies in your free time? 

“I love adventuring in the state with my wife. I do jiu jitsu, I like to rock climb, snowboard, lift weights. Reading is a big hobby of mine, too.  Always focused on improvement and staying on the PATH!”

Thanks so much, Clayton, for letting us interview you for our Meet Elite blog series! You’ve only recently joined the Elite family, but you already fit right in. We look forward to seeing your ideas and hard work come to life when it comes to Elite Roofing’s commercial roofing endeavors! 

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