Meet Elite: Michael Hegarty

Meet Elite: Michael Hegarty

Photo by Mark Leffingwell

At Elite Roofing, our team of talented, driven professionals sets us apart as the leader among Denver’s top roofing companies. This is why the Meet Elite blog segment is one of our favorites.

Meet Michael Hegarty. As our Business Development Manager, Michael is a key member of the Elite Roofing operation. Originally from Denver, today Michael resides in Edgewater, CO. Having previously worked in business technology sales, Michael brings a diverse and well-rounded skillset to his position here at Elite.  Let’s get to know Michael a bit better…

Job Title:  Business Development Manager
Favorite thing about your role:  I love working outside of the traditional office setting and building relationships with our business partners out in the field.
Hometown:  Denver, Colorado
Current City:  Edgewater, Colorado
Favorite thing about Colorado: Mexican food, skiing, the 4 seasons, craft beer, pumpkin spice lattes, sun sets… That’s a hard one, too many to list.
Favorite thing about Roofing in Colorado:  Helping home owners avoid shady storm chasers and connecting them up with a local, reputable roofer.
Why did you choose to work for Elite Roofing?  Elite Roofing really values every person within the organization and treats everyone, including customers, as an integral part of the whole. Feeling valued for your work is such an underrated component of feeling personally and professionally successful.
How long have you been in the industry?  A year and a half
Did you work in a different industry previously? If so, how does that experience help you in your role at Elite?
I sold office technology before finding Elite. That B2B experience taught me how to effectively market a company to prospects as well as develop my communication and public speaking skills.
What type of roof best describes you?
Standing Seam Metal Roof. Expensive and Durable
Favorite Sport/Team:  Football, Broncos
Eggs are best served how? Poached with some Chipotle Tabasco
Favorite family activity:  Skiing/ weekends in the mountains
On the weekends you can find me: Skiing, gardening, fixing cars, or hiking with girlfriend and pup

Thank you, Michael, for allowing us to feature you in the Meet Elite Spotlight! On behalf of the entire Elite family, we thank you for your hard work and determination in helping to differentiate us as the leader among Colorado’s favorite roofing companies!

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