A New Life for an Existing EPDM Roof

A New Life for an Existing Commercial EPDM RoofWe recently had the pleasure of completing a project that brought new life to an existing commercial EPDM roof but more importantly solved a mounting issue for a church community. As a faith-based Colorado roofing company, we jumped at the chance to help a local church find a cost-effective solution to repair a leaking EPDM roof.

The Roofing Structural Issue

An aging EPDM roof was becoming a big problem for a local church. The leaking roof was causing structural damage and needed to be repaired or replaced immediately. As a non-profit, the church was working with a limited budget but needed to act quickly.

The Roof Repair Solution: EPDM

A New Life for an Existing EPDM RoofAs experts in the application of new EPDM roofs as well as repairing existing roofs, we were quick to offer our services. We understood the church’s financial limitations and worked with church leaders to arrive at a solution the met their needs and their budget.

EPDM Roof Repair vs. Replacement

Rather than replacing the EPDM roof, we were able to extend its life by at least 10 years with a silicone roof coating from Gaco. A GREENGUARD Certified product, the Gaco coating not only seals the roof to prevent leaking, it has a reflective surface that reduces energy costs in the summer months. Because the roof contains a number of HVAC units, if we had replaced the EPDM roof, it would have required permits to move each HVAC unit and the use of a crane to complete the job. With the Gaco coating, we were able to keep the HVAC units in place and apply a monolithic silicone coat that will protect the roof for another decade.

Two Days to Extend This Commercial Roof’s Life by 10 Years

This simplified solution was completed in two days, rather than the full week it would have required to remove and replace the existing EPDM roof. Not only did this solution save time, it cost roughly 1/3 of the price of a roof replacement. The church board arrived at a number they could afford to spend and we happily worked with them to make the project a success. Because the coating is considered building maintenance, it will also serve as a valuable tax write-off.

Now that the job is complete; the church community will get at least another 10 years out of their roof. Should they choose to apply another coat at that time, they can expect to get two more decades of use out of their existing EPDM roof. Now that is something we can be thankful for!

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