Denver Roofing Product Spotlight: Owens Corning Berkshire Shingles

We love talking shop at Elite Roofing. Part of that comes from a passion for our industry and what we do, but we also feel it’s important to keep our customers educated about the products available for their roofing needs. For example, our Elite Roofing family loves working with the innovative and reliable products offered by Owens Corning – and we’re proud to be an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor. One product we particularly love is the Owens Corning Berkshire line of shingles, a durable, elegant roofing material. So today, we’re talking about Owens Corning Berkshire shingles and why they might be the perfect roofing solution for your family’s needs!

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Innovators in the industry

Owens Corning has been leading the insulation and roofing supply industry since 1938. They’ve been behind numerous new roofing technologies and are constant innovators in the roofing space. We proudly use Owens Corning products because, as you’ll soon see with their Berkshire shingles, they constantly produce new roofing solutions that are unparalleled in terms of both beauty and durability. The Owens Corning brand is synonymous with giving families everywhere a newfound peace of mind when it comes to quality and durability. 

Owens Corning Berkshire shingles

The Owens Corning Berkshire shingle evokes the bold look of natural slate, with all the elegance that slate brings. These shingles feature shadow lines that give your roof a sense of added dimension along with a range of colors that allow you to further tailor their appearance to suit your home. From Canterbury Black to Manchester Gray, these elegant shingles come in an array of elegant palettes to suit your tastes.

Standing up to the elements

These shingles are more than just elegant, though: Owens Corning Berkshire shingles are every bit as tough and durable as they are gorgeous. Like many Owens Corning products, Berkshire shingles include unique technologies and features for withstanding harsh climates. For example, Berkshire makes use of Owens Corning’s StreakGuard algae resistance protection. This technology inhibits algae growth and keeps your roof looking beautiful long after its installation. In addition, Owens Corning Berkshire shingles are highly wind resistant, meaning they can stand up to the most severe Colorado weather.

Limited lifetime warranty

While no roof will last forever, especially in Colorado, some with hold up much longer than others. If the above technologies and features of Owens Corning Berkshire shingles aren’t enough to convince you, their lifetime limited warranty just might. When your roof is installed by an Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred Contractor, you get added peace of mind from knowing that your roof is covered well into the future. Elite Roofing enjoys this preferred status, and it should be noted that our team also offers our own workmanship guarantee to boot. So, while our work covers your home, we cover our work!

Elite Roofing: Owens Corning Berkshire Experts

You always want to hire the best roofing company you can find, but it’s especially important when they can offer the best materials and guarantees. At Elite Roofing we are proud to be among the nation’s leading roofing companies. We rank among the best roofers in all of Colorado and beyond. Did we mention our Platinum Preferred Contractor status with Owens Corning means we offer expert installation of Berkshire and other quality Owens Corning products, along with a limited lifetime guarantee? If you have your eye on Owens Corning Berkshire shingles for your roof, contact us today! We’re eager to get started on your next roofing project.

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