Owens Corning Chateau Green Shingle

Here at Elite Roofing, we love getting the chance to make a homeowner’s vision for their home a reality. For this residential roofing project, we got to work with a lesser-used shade: the Chateau Green shingle from Owens Corning. With the new Chateau Green shingles installed, this lovely brick home now cuts a stunning profile. It’s a perfect example of how a bold choice of shingle color can really make a home pop in all the right ways!

Owens Corning Chateau Green Shingles | Elite Roofing

Elite Roofing installed this Owens Corning Chateau Green shingle last fall in Denver.



A bold statement with the Chateau Green shingle from Owens Corning 

Green might seem an unconventional color for a home’s roof, but that wasn’t always the case. Earlier in the 20th century, green roofs (not to be confused with green roofs!) were popular for many bungalows and cottage-style homes. After falling out of favor, green has re-emerged as a great option for those looking to branch out with their roof’s appearance. The Chateau Green shingle color from Owens Corning is an exceptional example of how green can cut a striking, yet elegant profile on the right home.

Is Owens Corning Chateau Green the right shingle for my home?

The home we roofed certainly looked gorgeous sporting its Chateau Green shingles from Owens Corning. That said, green is a very unique color, and it can look a bit odd if the home’s color palette doesn’t support such a bold shade. So, what goes well with green shingles? Well, you might consider Chateau Green if your home is made of brick or features otherwise brick-like colors, as with the home we worked on. Wood-stained siding also meshes well with Chateau Green. And of course, certain light or neutral colors such as white, pale yellow, and especially gray can look quite lovely when paired with this shade of green. If you’re at a loss, your preferred residential roofing company will be happy to help you pick the right shade for your home!

With Owens Corning, colors stay brilliant for longer

Owens Corning is not the only roofing manufacturer that makes green shingles, of course. However, Owens Corning is well-known for producing shingles that are made to last. Usually, people think of lasting in terms of standing up to damage and not needing repair. But retaining color is important, as well! 

One way Owens Corning ensures the longevity of bold shingle colors such as Chateau Green is through their unique StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection. With this technology, Owens Corning blends copper-lined granules into their color mixes, which inhibits the growth of algae and keeps colors popping.

What shingle color is best for my home?

It might not be the case that Chateau Green or even Owens Corning is the right shingle for your home. And that’s perfectly okay! There’s a wide variety of available colors to suit any home’s color palette and that will provide plenty of curb appeal. So what are some important considerations when picking a shingle color? Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Colors featured elsewhere in your home, such as siding, trim, and window/door frames
  • Neighborhood ordinances, covenants, or restrictions, which may dictate which colors homes in your neighborhood may use
  • Available shingle colors in your area, as certain shades may need to be shipped from elsewhere and therefore cost more

For more complete guidance, check out our post on roof shingle colors. Or, give our team a call! We’re always happy to help folks choose the perfect shingles for their homes.

Ask Elite About Chateau Green and Other Bold Shingle Options from Owens Corning!

At Elite Roofing, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our customer service. Because of that, we aim to partner with manufacturers who share those values. Owens Corning has more than lived up to our standards, and we’ve proudly partnered with them for years. They offer supreme quality in roofing products without sacrificing anything when it comes to aesthetic appeal. If you’re interested in the Chateau Green for your home, or any other Owens Corning shingle, give our team a call and we can plan your next roofing project! And, to stay up to date on our work, be sure to follow us on social: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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