Elite Project Spotlight: Preparing for Winter with GAF Armorshield

When it comes to roof deterioration, the elements and inclement weather play a major role. From wind and hail to snow and ice, Mother Nature can do a lot to weaken your roof, damage shingles, and cause leaks that, in turn, can create even more significant problems for your roof. Because of all that, it’s a good idea for Colorado homeowners to protect their home with a weather-resistant roof, such as one that uses GAF Armorshield shingles. These are some of the top-rated shingles on the market for impact resistance and standing up to severe storms. Today’s project spotlight highlights a project our Elite Roofing & Solar team worked on that involved replacing a roof with this high-grade material. A multi-story home, this was a major project, but our crew can often pull off projects like this within a day or two.


The home: Multi-story mountain view

For this project spotlight, we were hired to work on a beautiful multi-story residence in Eric, CO. While the roof was still in decent shape, it had certainly seen better days, with the shingles visibly fading from their original color. More importantly, though, the homeowners were well aware of the extraneous work Colorado roofs need to do to stand up to the elements every year. A roof replacement just before the winter weather sets in for the season will keep this home watertight, and protected from the high winds, heavy snow and spring hail for years to come.

roof replacement by Elite Roofing.

The project: A new roof built to last with GAF Armorshield

This was a roof in need of replacing, but with shingles made to last. Colorado roofs need to be ready for anything, and that’s just what Timberline Armorshield shingles from GAF are built to do. Highly impact-resistant, the GAF Armorshield line is an industry leader when it comes to outlasting the worst kinds of weather, from hail to high winds up to 130 MPH. Besides being tough, these shingles bring a great deal of elegance as well. Available in a range of shades and installed using a proprietary feathering technique, GAF Armorshield shingles are really the best of both worlds in terms of durability and aesthetics.


The challenges: Ups and downs

Multi-story homes allow a family plenty of room to grow while boasting impressive curb appeal. It can be tricky to replace the roof on homes such as this, however, as the roofing crew must work from the top down, moving material and waste all the way up and back down again. This roof also had gables to contend with, which called for a great deal of step flashing and shingle cuts to handle the detailing. Care to see more of this project? Check out our drone footage video!


The team: Elite Roofing & Solar, experts in roof replacementGaf Armorshield II impact resistant shingles in pewter gray.

Luckily, our best Elite Roofing & Solar crew was up to the task, managing the logistics without a hitch. With decades of combined experience, we can handle any residential roofing project, and we know how important it is for families to feel safe heading into the winter months. Bad weather lurked around the corner (and delayed our start), but as soon as things cleared up we got straight to work. Working carefully but steadily, our crew handled all the fine details of this job smoothly, even performing some necessary work on the gutters and maneuvering around the home’s elevation stone to install their new GAF Armorshield roof. The end result was a sturdy new roof that cuts a gorgeous profile in pewter gray.


Elite Roofing & Solar: Roof Replacements Done Right!

Whether it’s GAF Armorshield or one of the many other durable roofing products on the market, our experienced team at Elite Roofing & Solar builds roofs that last. We’ve worked on thousands of homes throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, and our customer reviews have been outstanding. From inspections to repairs to roof replacements, Elite Roofing & Solar in Denver does it all. Give us a call today to make sure your roof is ready for the winter!

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