Project Spotlight: CertainTeed Presidential TL Denver Roof Replacement

A Denver roof replacement that called on all of our collective roofing expertise!

In roofing, you never know what you’re going to get from project to project. Sometimes you’re faced with a straightforward roof replacement, replacing one shingle roof with another. Other times, though, the roof is composed of several different materials, including CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL shingles, EPDM membrane, and metal roofing!

Our Project Spotlights blog series is our way of sharing unique and interesting roofing projects with our readers. Today’s project certainly falls in that category. Elite Roofing was tasked with replacing a Denver roof with a very unique construction, but our team was up to the task. Let’s take a look!

Background and clients

For this project, we had the pleasure of working with first-time Elite clients. They found Elite Roofing after searching online and finding our excellent Google reviews. Our clients’ home was located here in Denver. The roof had definitely reached the end of its lifespan and needed to be replaced, so our task for this project was to replace the existing roof with a brand-new one. 

The challenges

the porch section of the roof

This roof presented a few unique challenges for our team. For one, the roof was comprised of multiple parts. The main section of the roof was covered with asphalt shingles, but the roof also included a back area, which covered an outdoor patio and was covered with EPDM rubber. We were to replace both sections of the roof, which meant working with multiple different materials for the project. This meant we would need to coordinate both our Residential Crew and Service Technicians for the project.

The right material: CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL shingles

While the patio section of the roof was to be replaced with EPDM, our clients wanted to refresh the look of the rest of their home. They were hoping to find a material that would look great and stand up well against the harsh weather here in Denver, but one that wouldn’t break the bank. 

We recommended CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL shingles for the project, as this shingle met each of our client’s needs! This shingle is designed to emulate the unique look of wood shakes, which are a popular and attractive roofing material commonly found in residential roofing applications. This would give the home excellent curb appeal.

In addition, CertainTeed Presidential Shake TL provides industry-leading durability, as it is more fire-resistant than traditional wood shakes and stands up well against impact damage, high winds, and more. 

The result: A gorgeous new roof!

With the project mapped out, the Elite team pulled a Denver Roofing Permit and set to work! We started by removing the existing roof, then coordinated our teams to begin installing the new roofing materials. Project Manager Phil Harris oversaw this project, and Kaysn Bock helped to determine the best way to install the flat EPDM material and tie it in with the rest of the roof.

In the end, this team project went very smoothly! We were able to complete a brand-new roof for our clients, one that perfectly blends both flat and traditional residential roofing, as well as both style and functionality. 

Call Elite Roofing for Your Denver Roof Replacement!

Elite Roofing is Denver’s leading roofing company, and the top roof replacement experts in the area. We can tackle any project—big or small, simple or complex! With 15 years in business and counting, we have the expertise to build a sturdy, reliable roof that will stand up against the unique climate here along the Front Range. 

If you’re in need of a new roof, don’t put off replacing it any longer. Contact Elite Roofing today to get started!

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