Residential Roof Repair: When to Fix & When to Replace

There are many decisions to be made when planning a residential roof repair. In most cases, though, the biggest decision is the first one you’ll have to make: Should I have my existing roof repaired, or replace it entirely? While a new roof is often a smart long-term investment, minor patch jobs and repairs often make sense as well. At Elite Roofing, we do everything from a minor repair to complete residential roof replacements. We often consult with homeowners on which is the best option for their roof. So today, we’re talking about the repair vs. replace decision and how to consider the benefits of each.

Residential roof repair and total cost of ownership (TCO)

Before we go over the options when it comes to fixing a roof, let’s talk for a second about total cost of ownership, or TCO. This is a concept often used by businesses, but it can also be used by homeowners to evaluate the relative costs of replacing or repairing a roof

The TCO of a roof is determined by several factors, including the cost of installation, the cost of maintenance and repairs, and the lifespan of the roof. Typically, the expenses are divided by the lifespan and that will get you the annual TCO. What this means is that a longer-lasting solution, while more expensive upfront, will often save money in the long haul. However, cheaper options such as repairs have their place as well, so let’s take a look.

Patching up with a residential roof repair

While roofs are typically rated to last 20 years or longer, damage can occur before that time is up. Shingles may blow off in particularly strong storms, while hail damage to your roof can damage or break tiles and other roofing materials. If the damage is fairly minor or localized, a simple repair is often the right move. A roofer can replace damaged or missing shingles fairly easily and at little cost. If the roof is near the end of its life, however, a repair may not last as long, making this route less worthwhile. Overall, a solid and professional residential roof repair can be a great option to extend the life of your roof under the right circumstances. It can also work as a quick fix to keep your roof intact until you’ve saved up for a new one.

A roof replacement may be cheaper in the long run

On the other end of things, footing the bill for a new residential roof instead of a repair may be cheaper in the long run. Whether a new roof is the right call depends on a number of factors. For example, more significant damage will require more expensive repairs. Since repairs are shorter-term solutions, expensive repairs are generally less cost-effective than a roof replacement. Another consideration is the age of your roof. If your roof is already fairly new, a repair should suffice assuming that the roof was properly installed in the first place. However, older roofs are liable to need more repairs and maintenance as they continue to age. This means that, as the roof gets older, a roof replacement becomes better as an option. 

A partial roof replacement is possible in some cases

Sometimes significant damage occurs in a localized area, such as when a large tree branch falls on one portion of the roof. In cases like this, replacing the entire roof might be unappealing, especially if the roof is otherwise brand new. Partial reroofing is a potential middle-ground solution that provides a more long-lasting fix than a residential roof repair while costing less overall than a wholesale replacement. However, partial reroof jobs tend to be more expensive per square foot than a roof replacement. As a result, this option is only best in very specific circumstances that your professional roofer can help you determine.

Elite Roofing: Experts in Residential Roof Repair and Replacement

At Elite Roofing, we’ve fixed hundreds of residential roofs throughout the Denver metro area. Our experience has taught us how to provide homeowners with the best roofing solutions possible. That means you can count on us not just for a solid roof, but also for solid advice when you need to decide between a residential roof repair and a roof replacement. If your roof is damaged and you’re not sure how to address the damage, Elite Roofing can help. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote!

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