Roof Shingle Colors: What’s Best for Your Home?

Much like adding fresh paint or siding, replacing your roof with new shingles can do a lot to make your home look new again. Shingle colors tend to fade over time, and a newly shingled roof will really make your home stand out. This can also be a great opportunity to change the character of your home with a new color scheme. But with so many shingles colors to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your home’s roof? At Elite Roofing, our expert roofers always enjoy helping homeowners decide on a look they’ll love that also works well for their home. To help you narrow down options for yourself, here are a few important considerations when it comes to deciding on shingle colors for your residential roofing needs.

Coordinate with the rest of your home

Answering the question of how to pick a roof color starts with considering your shingles in the context of other aspects of your home. These other aspects include siding, trim, and accents such as masonry. Certain colors go better together than others; for example, while black shingles go with pretty much anything, roof shingle colors like blue or green might clash with a red house. 

It’s also important to consider whether blends and variations make sense for your roof. Certain sets of shingles will blend several tones or colors together in an appealing way. However, if your home already has a great deal of color variation, additional patterns may make your home look too busy—a bit like wearing stripes with plaid or polka dots. Companies like Owens Corning offer helpful color visualization tools to help you “try on” different shingles for your house. Check theirs out here.

Available roof shingle colors in your area

Sad though it may be, sometimes certain colors of roof shingle simply aren’t available in a particular area. This can be for any number of reasons, and such as the relative locations of certain manufacturers and the overall demand for particular shingle varieties. While it may be possible to ship otherwise unavailable colors to you, this can get expensive, so it’s generally best to choose from more readily available shingles.

Neighborhood restrictions: Should your home “pop” or not?

Depending on where you live, you may be subject to certain restrictions regarding the colors of shingles you can use for your roof. We think it’s great when people want to really make their home stand out. However, it’s important to first look through relative homeowners’ association bylaws or any other ordinances and documents that may rule out certain colors. Within those restrictions, you should also consider the size of your home and how you want your shingles to affect people’s perception of it. That’s because darker roof shingle colors can make your home look smaller, while lighter colors can really add to the volume of your home. Some homeowners don’t care much either way, but for others that can mean a great deal!

Shingle colors and the temperature of your roof

Speaking of light and dark, the color of your roof really does matter when it comes to energy efficiency. If your energy bills tend to soar during the summer, a lighter roof color might not be a bad idea. Opting for lighter-colored shingles can help reflect sunlight and heat away from your home, reducing your air conditioning costs. Certain manufacturers even offer specialized cool roof shingle options for greater energy benefits. If heating bills are more of a concern, you might consider a darker roof instead to help your home absorb heat during the winter.

Elite Roofing Offers a Variety of Roof Shingle Colors

At Elite Roofing, we feel that providing quality roofing solutions is of the utmost importance. While a huge part of that is building long-lasting roofs, we also want to make sure our customers are getting a roof they’ll love to look at for all those years to come. Our roofing experts have helped many homeowners decide on appealing, elegant color palettes for their roofs. And as an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we have extensive knowledge of all Owens Corning products. This distinction also allows us to extend an exclusive warranty to homeowners who trust us for their roofing needs. So if you’re in need of a roof replacement, contact the Elite Roofing team to get started today!

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