Roof Insurance Claim Help: What You Need to Know

Insurance Claim HelpSummer in Colorado is synonymous with so many things: beautiful weather, hiking and camping, the list goes on. Severe thunderstorms are yet another component of Colorado summers that natives grow to expect. These storms are known to light up the night sky and often bring temperatures down. While most of us love a good thunderstorm, they can wreak havoc on our property. From dented cars to broken windows and damaged roofs, many Coloradans are in need of insurance claim help this time of year.

Roof Insurance Claim Help

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by recent storms, it’s important to act quickly for a number of reasons. Why is time of the essence?

Insurance Claim HelpSafety

The safety of your loved ones is of critical importance. If damage to your roof poses a threat to the structural integrity or wiring of your home, the safety risk should not be ignored. Additionally, climbing on your roof to survey the damage can pose a threat. Leave this to the experts!

The Risk of Further Damage

That damage to your roof can get worse over time. That’s right, the small issue that might simply require a minor roof repair can compound into a much bigger, more costly issue.  If beams or wires are exposed, the next summer storm can threaten the integrity of your home. If rain is seeping in, water damage can add up to a much bigger problem, in a hurry. In some cases, minor roof damage does not pose a threat. However, we urge you to request a roof inspection to determine your best course of action. At Elite Roofing, we never like to tell a property owner that a small issue has become a much larger problem. Do you yourself, and your property, a favor and act as soon as you notice signs of damage.

Insurance Time Constraints

If you do not file an insurance claim for damages sustained, in accordance with your policy’s stated time limit, you run the risk of having the claim denied. This is why it’s so important to act promptly. A roof repair that might otherwise have been covered, can cost you out of pocket.

While we do encourage you to contact your insurance company quickly, it is important to first complete a professional roofing inspection. Should you file a claim in accurately or later find that you have not sustained significant damage, your premiums can still rise. This is why you need an experienced roofing company to help you through the insurance claims process!

Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Today!

At Elite Roofing, we are proud to offer free, no obligation roofing inspections. We have helped thousands of property owners through the insurance claims process and we are here for you! Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and insight to help you through every step of the insurance claims process.  Schedule your roof inspection today!

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