5 Questions to Ask After Your Home Has Been Hit with Hail Damage

Hail storms can be scary for homeowners. Your roof is the first line of defense against the weather outside, and severe hail damage can compromise that defense overnight. If your home has just weathered a hail storm, it’s hard to know what to do first. But as a roofing company with years of experience helping families keep their roofs intact, Elite Roofing knows how to deal with hail. Here are the five biggest questions you should ask after your roof has been hit with hail damage, and tips for when to get the professionals involved.

How severe was the storm?

Hail always sounds severe from indoors, so it’s only natural to think your roof has sustained damage after a hail storm. Not all hail can damage your roof, however. That means you should first try to determine the severity of the storm. Pay close attention to weather reports of hail storms, as these will often describe the nature of the hail in terms of size and color. Large, clear hail stones are more likely to damage your roof than smaller, opaque hail. If the hail is described as “pea-sized,” chances are your roof is just fine. Hail that is one inch or larger in size is definitely cause for concern, however.

How badly did the hail damage my roof?

You can’t know for sure if your roof has sustained hail damage without a proper inspection. There are some signs of hail damage that you can spot yourself. These signs include loose shingles or cracked roof tiles, as well as damage to gutters, decks, mailboxes, or other parts of your home’s exterior. 

However, the best way to find out the extent of the damage is to schedule a roof inspection. A professional roofing company can tell you exactly what parts of your roof were damaged and how badly. Many roofers will provide this service free of charge. That means even if the hail was relatively mild, it doesn’t hurt to have your roof inspected anyway.

Does my insurance coverage include roof hail damage?

Hail damage coverage is not always included with insurance policies. However, in areas such as Denver and the Front Range, where hail storms are common, this coverage is included more often than not. Despite this, there is typically a specific window of time in which to file a claim for hail damage once the storm has passed. Thus, if your home is covered for hail damage, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance provider promptly so that you can be sure your claim will go through.

Should I repair or replace my roof?

Just as hail can be small or large, hail damage to your roof can range from mild to severe. The extent of the damage is typically the main deciding factor when it comes to repairing your roof or replacing it. This isn’t the only factor to consider, however. If your roof was already in poor shape or near the end of its warranty, it’s often a good idea to replace it. Repairs to an already compromised roof won’t last long, and leaving the damage unaddressed can lead to dangerous situations. A professional roofer will be able to help you make the right call for your home.

How do I select a contractor to fix roof hail damage?

Picking a roofer can be tough, and this is especially true when you need to fix hail damage on your roof. That’s because severe hail damage often makes homeowners desperate to have the damage fixed quickly, making them vulnerable to some of the more common roofing scams.

Typically, the best roofer will be an established roofing company that is locally based, experienced, and communicative. It’s a good idea to comb through the reviews of several companies and ask for references, if you have time. If you’re still not sure which company to go with, check out some of the tips in our guide to choosing between roofing companies.

Elite Roofing Does Roof Inspections and Hail Damage Repairs!

At Elite Roofing, we pride ourselves on protecting Denver residents and their families safe from hail damage. We offer free hail damage inspections to let you know exactly what’s happening with your roof. And if your roof needs repairs, our team is standing by to fix it before the next storm strikes. If you’re worried your home has been damaged by hail recently, or if you just want us to make sure your roof is in good shape, contact Elite Roofing today for an inspection!

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