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Elite Roofing and Solar was founded in 2006. Our core values define who we are, and what we stand for as a company: Faith, Family, Honesty, Integrity. We are a Christian company who strongly believes in strengthening each community in which we work. We treat our customers like family and deliver work that builds trust and long lasting relationships that stand the test of time.

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Cody, Brie & Randy owners of Elite Roofing & Solar

Our Story

Randy Brothers is the founder of Elite Roofing and Solar. Its current owners are Randy and his business parter and best friend, Cody Hayes and his sister Brie Reis. Randy started the company alone in 2006 as a custom builder that later transitioned into the roofing and solar installation niche.

Colorado, which you well know has crazy weather, is often besieged by major hail storms which can seriously damage your homes’ roof in a matter of minutes. Randy’s family knew that their various areas of expertise and their desire to help people could come together to form a successful family-run business – to help families such as yours. Having your home’s roof torn off and replaced IS a big deal! And Elite Roofing wants to help you get through this major event so your experience is as positive and pleasant as is possible.

Hear from Elite’s Randy Brothers​

You have your choice of roofers. That’s why we make sure to offer the professional, reliable service you expect. Our volume allows us to receive discounts from our suppliers–a savings that we pass on to you. We proudly offer the Elite Roofing Roof Shield lifetime workmanship warranty, guaranteeing our work and our products. Whether it’s a new roof, or a roofing repair, Elite Roofing is the one to call!

Careers At Elite Roofing And Solar

Roofing Done Right​

Elite Roofing’s motto is ‘Roofing Done Right’. Randy chose that motto because he looked around at the quality of some roof repair companies, and became determined to gear his business around much more than what the others were offering. First, he vowed to provide an excellent product with excellent workmanship. All roofs are replaced with high quality shingles and by experienced roofers, and then inspected by our trained professionals. Second, he insists on excellent customer service. Elite Roofing assigns a personal project team to help you through every step of the process. We don’t want to treat you as a number in a system, but as a lifelong customer. We want you so thrilled with the job we do that you would recommend us to your friends and loved ones. Third, he trains and mentors salesmen, roofers and support personnel in order to provide the best, most knowledgeable service possible. And last, but not least, he provides a friendly, professional, yet fun atmosphere to work in, treating his employees with great care creating an enjoyable atmosphere that sees very little employee turn around.

Faith, Family, Honesty, Integrity. That's Roofing Done Right.​

Brie Reis

Brie Reis

Director of Roofing & Finance LinkedIn

Elite Roofing is fortunate to have Brie Reis as the Director of Roofing and Finance. Brie joined Elite in 2010 and has occupied nearly every administrative role within the company from Admin to CEO. She claims to have grown up in Production at Elite, where she spent the majority of her years at the company—even today she hops in and out of the role as needed.

Brie is able to apply her deep knowledge of the industry and company as she helps puzzle out the logistics of different jobs. She particularly loves accessing the various pieces of the project and finding the most effective solutions. Brie is also particularly proud of her role in helping to create and implement the systems and processes that make Elite a great company. Beyond the structural achievements, Brie’s heart lies in the growth of her teams. Witnessing her colleagues evolve, prosper, and recognize their inherent value within the organization brings unparalleled fulfillment. 

Outside of her dynamic role, Brie relishes quality time with her expansive family, comprising her beloved kids and husband. In her multifaceted journey, Brie Reis stands as a beacon of leadership, fostering Elite Roofing’s ongoing pursuit of greatness within the roofing industry.

Bio Randy Brothers

Randy Brothers

President LinkedIn

Randy Brothers is the President of Elite Roofing. His dynamic leadership has propelled the company’s success. After founding Elite in November 2008, Randy’s journey has been a remarkable evolution. He has served in many roles at Elite from Head Janitor to Chief Executive Officer, and he’s been intimately involved in every aspect of the company’s operations. Randy’s expertise extends to strategic planning, decision-making, and creative problem-solving across all divisions of Elite, underscoring his commitment to fostering excellence.
Randy’s passion lies in creating opportunities for personal growth among his colleagues. Witnessing the exceptional individuals on the Elite team flourish brings him immense joy, as does the challenge of surmounting complex problems that drive the company’s progress. His prior experience as a general contractor and insurance adjuster equipped him with invaluable skills that have played a pivotal role in shaping Elite’s success story.
Randy takes pride in the extraordinary people on the Elite team – their dedication, resilience, and collaboration serve as the bedrock of the company’s achievements. The essence of Randy’s work lies in cultivating exceptional customer experiences and nurturing an environment where the team can thrive. Beyond his professional commitments, Randy treasures moments spent with family, exploring new destinations, indulging in golf, racing, and snowboarding. As the President of Elite Roofing, Randy Brothers stands as an emblem of exceptional leadership, shaping the company’s legacy in the roofing industry.
Cody Hayes

Cody Hayes

General Manager/Vice President LinkedIn

Cody Hayes is the dedicated General Manager and Vice President at Elite Roofing, his transformative leadership is an integral part of the company’s growth and success. Joining the Elite family in August 2009, Cody’s journey is a testament to his diverse skill set and unwavering commitment. He has held a variety of positions within the company, from Sales Person to Residential Sales Manager, Solar Operations Manager, and Project Manager, Cody’s comprehensive understanding of the industry is the cornerstone of his influential role.

Cody’s role is marked by his passion for team collaboration and professional growth. His journey within Elite helped him evolve into a leader who prioritizes creating opportunities for his colleagues. His ability to build and lead teams, honed through previous work experiences, shines through as he fosters a culture of teamwork and personal development.

Cody is most proud of Elite’s unwavering commitment to ethical practices and giving back to the community. Guided by strong values, he helped Elite transcend being a mere construction company, embodying a genuine concern for others’ best interests. Cody finds satisfaction in his ability to ease people through unfamiliar situations, ensuring the best possible results while simplifying processes. Outside of work, Cody cherishes time with his family, running, camping, and golfing. At Elite Roofing, Cody Hayes continues to shape the company’s legacy as a beacon of leadership and integrity.

David Estes

David Estes

Project Manager LinkedIn

David Estes is the adept Commercial Project Manager at Elite Roofing, who specializes in resolving roofing frustrations and providing tailored solutions to clients’ persistent issues. Joining the Elite team in March 2015, David’s journey has been one of continuous learning and growth. He began as part of Elite’s business development team, networking and building relationships with insurance agents to connect with clients in need of roofing assistance.

As a Commercial Project Manager, David excels in helping clients navigate the complexities of roofing issues. With no prior roofing experience, he embraced a steep learning curve to become a master of his trade. David’s enthusiasm for connecting with people and alleviating their frustrations is at the heart of his role at Elite. His proudest achievement is helping to develop the commercial division within the company, witnessing its evolution and contributing to its successes.
While solving roofing problems is his forte, David finds satisfaction in the silence that follows a job well done – the absence of further communication usually signifies a resolved issue. Outside of work, he seeks tranquility through fly fishing, enjoys camping with his family, and shares in the joy of sports with his children. His sports affiliations are a mix of cherished memories, from watching the Cubs with his grandpa in Illinois, to becoming a Blues fan in St. Louis, and joining the Denver Nuggets bandwagon after moving to Denver. David’s role at Elite Roofing is a testament to his commitment to excellence and his passion for providing tailored solutions to clients’ roofing needs.
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Eddie Shoots

HR Controller

Eddie Shoots, the HR Controller at Elite Roofing & Solar, is a dedicated and versatile professional who has been an integral part of the company since he joined in September of 2014. With a background in retail store management, Eddie transitioned into the roofing industry and quickly established himself as a vital asset to Elite Roofing & Solar’s daily operations.
In his role as HR Controller, Eddie manages HR, Payroll, and Office Management responsibilities, ensuring the smooth operation of essential functions within the company. He is known for his strong work ethic and attention to detail, qualities that have helped him excel in his diverse responsibilities.
What Eddie values most about his work at Elite is the close-knit team he gets to collaborate with daily. His commitment to people and teamwork is a testament to his dedication to the company’s success.
Outside of the office, Eddie leads an active lifestyle. He enjoys lifting weights and running to stay fit, and he prioritizes spending quality time with his family and friends. As a sports enthusiast, Eddie passionately supports his favorite teams: the Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Bulls. Eddie’s journey at Elite Roofing & Solar showcases his adaptability and commitment to excellence, making him a valued member of the Elite team and a key contributor to the company’s ongoing success.

FAQs: Elite Roofing & Solar

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Cody Hayes and Randy Brothers are the owners. Brie Reis is the CEO of Elite Roofing and Solar.

We began as Elite Custom Builders, LLC in 2006 and began operating under the dba of Elite Roofing shortly thereafter.

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