5 Signs You Need A New Roof

Roofers may knock on your door after a storm, but how do you know if you really need a new roof, or just a simple repair?

Granules in gutter and damaged shingles

1. Lots of granules found at the base of your downspouts.

As shingles wear down, or weather takes a toll on the shingle the granules, which are the the first layer of protection on a shingle, and make up the color of the shingle, will start to wear down. These granules will be washed down the roof, into the gutters and through your downspouts with the rain. A an extraordinary amount of granules may indicate your shingles are breaking down, and their life span is shortening.

2. Finding missing shingles in your yard.

Heavy winds that often accompany strong storms will detach shingles from your roof. Finding shingles in your yard is an obvious sign that your roofing system is starting to deteriorate. By finding these shingles, it means that you now have exposed underlayment, or even exposed plywood, which can be a direct porthole for water and moisture to enter your home.

3. Damage to screens, paint and gutters.

Afraid of heights? You may not have to climb on a ladder and get on your roof for a visual inspection. Often times, you can look for damage to your screens, paint and gutters around the home. If you see damage to these items, then the chances are pretty good that you have damage to your roof as well.

4. Yellow spots, or color changes in your ceiling.

Finding yellow spots, or color changes in your ceiling indicates that there is moisture inside the home, where it does not belong. Now this could be something that has to do with plumbing, or other issues but typically on an upper level, it could easily be water coming in through your roof.

5. Does your roof shine like a showgirl?

Ok, maybe not that shiney but still–if you step back and look at your roof, and see a shimmer that is sign that you may need a new roof. The shimmer or shine you see comes from the exposed fiberglass of the shingle. Fiberglass is only exposed on shingles that are excessively deteriorating.

If you are unsure about damage to your roof, it’s always best to have a professional stop by and give you a free inspection. Most roofing companies will give you a free inspection, and if they try to charge you–look elsewhere.

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