Average Cost of a Roof Replacement

At Elite Roofing we often hear from property owners interested in learning about the average cost of a roof replacement. Like most home improvement projects, it’s next to impossible to generalize the average cost. A wide variety of factors go into determining the cost of a roof replacement. The size and slope of the roof and the materials used are just a few of the variables that impact the total cost. Though we don’t generalize on pricing, at Elite we’re always happy to take the time to help property owners determine exactly what their roof replacement will cost. We work hard to maintain our reputation as the best Denver roofers!

Cost per Square

If you are shopping out the cost of a roof replacement, you will often hear the term cost per square used. This means the cost per 100 square feet. Replacement of a single laminate dimensional shingle roof will run between $500 and $700 per square and a multi-laminate shingle will run anywhere between $800 and $975. The price per square ranges based upon slope and height of the roof, as well as accessibility, number of layers and if re-decking is required.  

Cost of Roof Replacement is Rapidly Increasing

Best Denver Roofers

At Elite Roofing, we have been proudly serving area property owners for more than a decade. We offer free, no-obligation roofing inspections. It is always our goal to help property owners find the most cost-effective solution for their needs. Whether it’s a simple fix or a complete replacement, we are here for you through every step of the process. Schedule your free inspection today and discover what sets us apart as the best of the best Denver roofers.

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