Colorado Springs Hit By Massive Hail Storm

On May 7, 2015 Colorado Springs was hit with a massive hail storm with a reported 5 inches of hail accumulating on the ground.

Denver didn’t get any hail yesterday, but boy did Colorado Springs! We asked our guys in the Springs to take some pictures of the actual hail! In a lot of the pictures we’ve seen, the hail could be mistaken for snow! 9News reported that the hail was so bad, it shut down parts of I25 in Colorado Springs and the city actually called for plows to come out and plow the hail!

Know anyone who was attacked by the hail yesterday? Send ’em our way! We offer free inspections and can tell you on the spot if you have enough damage to qualify for an insurance claim. Check out some of the photos below of yesterday’s hail storm in Colorado Springs!

Springs Hail Picture 1: This was from 11 News producer, Gabrielle (off of I25 and Woodman Rd).

elite roofing colorado springs hail 5

Springs Hail Picture 2: A handful of hail!


elite roofing colorado springs hail 3

Springs Hail Picture 3: Looks to be about 1″ hail!

elite roofing colorado springs hail 2

Springs Hail Picture 4: Is that snow or hail? It’s hail! Picture courtesy  of our family in the Springs!


Springs Hail Picture 5: Bucket of golf balls? Nope. Hail.

elite roofing colorado springs hail 1

If your house was hit by hail, give us a call to schedule a free inspection! Let Elite Roofing tell you what kind of damage the hail did to your home!



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