Winter Commercial Roof Maintenance

The experts at Elite Roofing are here to help keep your roof in top condition throughout the winter season

As the chill sets in, it’s a good time for a reminder that winter in Colorado is hard on your commercial roofing system. From ice and snow buildup to high winds, there are many things that may lead to you calling in a commercial roofing company to lend their services. At Elite Roofing, we recommend looking out for a few common hazards when it comes to keeping your commercial roof in good condition throughout the winter. Here are the key threats to your roof to keep in mind as you put together a commercial roof maintenance plan for the winter!

Snow buildup

Winter brings the heavy snowfalls that have long made Colorado a paradise for skiers across the country. But while snow is great when you want to hit the slopes, it’s far less exciting to watch the snow pile up on your roof. Commercial roofing systems are almost invariably flat or low-slope, creating a perfect surface for snow to pile up. While a small amount of snow is of little concern, heavy snow buildup can start to strain your commercial roof and even compromise its structural integrity. It’s a good idea to have a plan in place to call on snow removal services to protect your commercial roofing system from harm.

Wind damage

When one thinks of wintry weather conditions, there tend to be two things that go hand in hand: snow, which we covered above, and blistering cold winds. High winds are more common during the winter months, and if your commercial roof isn’t ready you might wind up paying the price. Wind damage is a fairly common commercial roofing hazard, as high winds can grab at gaps and holes in your roofing and create large tears. In extreme cases, this can even lead to tenting or roof blow-offs. The best way to avoid wind damage in the winter is to prepare ahead of time, if you can. Be sure to call on a trusted commercial roofing company to lend their inspection services. If they find any weak points, have the issue fixed right away.


Condensation is something you probably see quite regularly. It occurs when warm, moist air contacts a cooler surface—like when your bathroom mirror fogs up as you shower. If your commercial roof is poorly insulated, condensation will form when warm interior air reaches the underside of your roof. And while you can easily wipe away the fog on your mirror, condensation can be a major problem for your commercial roof, causing mold, mildew, and even water damage. To avoid this issue, make sure your commercial property is well insulated and properly ventilated. This will regulate your building’s temperature and enable air to flow, preventing condensation from building up.

Ice dams

Want another reason to check your roof’s ventilation and insulation? Ice dams are masses of ice and water that form when there are significant temperature differences across different portions of your roof. Snow or ice that collects in the warm area of your roof melts, then re-freezes as it reaches the cooler area. Ice dams are a problem as they’re extremely heavy and can cause your roof undue stress—not to mention the potential for leaks. Luckily, this major roofing hazard can be prevented in a similar manner as condensation, as ventilation and insulation will help keep your roof’s temperature consistent across the entire surface.

Elite Roofing: Complete Commercial Roofing Services, Year-Round

For all of your winter roof maintenance needs, Elite Roofing has you covered with professional commercial roofing services available year-round. Our expert roofers have decades of combined experience in the Colorado commercial roofing industry, so we know what to expect from the Rocky Mountain State’s winter weather. We offer top-quality commercial roofing inspections to make sure your roof is prepared for this brutal season. And if your roof is damaged, our team is standing by with commercial roof repair services to get your roof back in perfect condition. Contact us today!

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