Your Guide to Comparing Commercial Roofing Companies

The best commercial roofing companies have several key attributes in common!

You have many choices when it comes to Colorado commercial roofing companies. At Elite Roofing, we think competition is a great thing for our roofing customers—but it can sometimes be difficult to pick the best roofing company from all the available options. Still, there are a few qualities to watch for when vetting potential roofers, and we’d like to share those qualities to help you pick the best roofing company for your next commercial project!

Years in the industry

In a highly competitive industry like commercial roofing, the number of years a company has been in operation tells you a lot about the reliability of their business. Being in business for many years means a company is highly experienced, of course (and we’ll cover expertise in a moment). But it also matters a lot when it comes to guarantees and warranties. When you hire an established roofing company, you can be confident they’ll be around to stand by their word. With a newer company, however, you might be left hanging if they go out of business!


No matter what kind of professional you’re looking for, it’s always best to hire an expert. That especially applies when it comes to commercial roofing companies. For example, depending on what material your commercial roof is made from, you’ll definitely want to hire a commercial roofer that has experience working with that material. A commercial roofer with the right specialized expertise will be able to repair or install your roof much more effectively.

Manufacturer relationships

Over time, many expert roofers will develop relationships with different roofing manufacturers. This is highly beneficial to their customers, as these roofers will be able to offer special pricing and exclusive warranties that other roofers can’t offer. Because of these benefits, it’s very much worth hiring a roofer that has these kinds of business relationships.

Maintenance plans

Commercial roofs are highly durable, but no matter what material they’re made from, they need to be well-maintained to perform properly. Some roofing companies will simply repair or install your commercial roof and that will be that. However, the best commercial roofing companies will offer some form of maintenance program for your roof. This will ensure that your commercial roof lasts as long as possible and keeps your livelihood well-protected. So before hiring a roofer, be sure to ask them about their available maintenance plans.  

Responsiveness and communication

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to evaluate the experience of communicating with all of the commercial roofing companies you’re considering for your project. If a roofer is generally slow to respond, how can you expect them to communicate with you throughout your roofing project? The best commercial roofing companies will be excellent at communicating by keeping you in the loop and responding promptly to any questions you may have.

Elite Roofing: Leaders Among Commercial Roofing Companies

As you sift through commercial roofing companies, remember that you’re not just looking for a roofer for a one-time project. You’re looking for a professional commercial roofing partner that will install, repair, and maintain your commercial roof throughout its lifespan. 

Here at Elite Roofing, that’s exactly what we provide! Our team of expert roofers has years of experience in commercial roofing, and we work with a wide variety of materials. We offer excellent warranties and pricing options through our commercial roofing partnerships, as well as a complete commercial roofing maintenance plan to keep your roof in top condition. So whether you’re looking to repair your commercial roof or install a new one, Elite Roofing is the one to call! Contact us today.

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