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A roof repair can extend the life of your roof. Here are a few important points to remember!

Whether you’ve just endured Colorado’s most recent storm or your roof is simply showing its age, there are many reasons to consider a Denver, CO roof repair.  Here at Elite Roofing, we’ve provided both commercial and residential roof repair services for many years. We understand it can be a stressful experience when your roof is damaged. You probably have many questions, such as “Why should I repair my roof? And when is the best time to do it?” That’s okay! We’re answering those and more questions about roof repair in today’s blog post.

Why repair your roof?

Before we talk more in depth about roof repairs, there’s a very straightforward question to answer first: Why should I repair my roof, anyway? Damage can often be minor, leaving homeowners and business owners to wonder if it may be cheaper to skip the repairs altogether.

This is a mistake, however. Even if your roof has only minor damage, leaving this unaddressed will leave your roof vulnerable to further damage that will be even more expensive to repair down the line. A roof repair keeps your roof in top condition for the next Denver, CO storm that rolls through. Because of this, the bottom line is that the best time to repair your roof is now. Repairing even minor damage right away can prevent more serious roofing problems later on. 

Denver, CO roof repair services

The best Denver roofers typically offer an array of roof repair services. A professional roofer can help address many types of damage to your roof, including hail damage, wind damage, and leaks or drainage issues. Some roofing companies will only work on residential or commercial roofs, however, so it’s important to ask your roofer where they specialize. Here at Elite Roofing, we offer both residential and commercial roof repair services throughout the Denver, CO area. Not only that, but our service department can also help you determine whether a roof repair will be cost-effective for your roof compared to a roof replacement.

Sometimes a roof replacement will be wiser

We always try to help our customers extend the life of their roof with effective roof repairs. However, this isn’t always an option, and in some cases a roof replacement is actually cheaper in the long run. It all comes down to TCO, or total cost of ownership. 

TCO describes the total cost of your roof over its entire lifetime, factoring in the expected lifespan of the roof. If we only considered the upfront cost of a roof by itself, it would never make sense to install a more expensive roof; however, TCO is the reason why some kinds of roofs are actually more affordable in the long term, as they last much longer. The same concept applies when determining whether a roof repair makes sense for your roof. If your roof is near the end of its expected lifespan, a roof repair likely won’t push its expiration date back very much—and in that case, a roof replacement is probably wiser.

Elite Roofing Is Your Partner for Denver, CO Roof Repair!

At Elite Roofing, we pride ourselves on our expertise in Denver, CO roof repair. With years of experience roofing countless Denver homes and businesses, we know exactly how to make sure your roof is ready for anything Colorado’s weather can throw at it. Our professional team will inspect your roof, give an honest assessment of its condition, and provide our opinion of how effective a roof repair will be in your situation. Elite Roofing is here to make sure your next roof repair or replacement is Done Right! Contact us today.

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