Project Profile: GACO Roof Coating

Elite Roofing & Solar Restored This VFW Roof

The best roofing companies go out of their way to find ideal, long-lasting solutions for their customers that they can put their trust in. For commercial roofing projects, this comes down to durability and cost-effectiveness, as commercial property owners look to protect their most important investment. For today’s Project Spotlight, we’re taking a look at how a GACO roof coating helped add 20 years to the lifespan of this ailing commercial roof!

Within our commercial division here at Elite Roofing & Solar, we aim to help protect businesses and other important commercial properties. GACO roof coating is a roofing solution that can often be used to fully restore a commercial roof, adding decades onto the roof’s lifespan while avoiding the cost of replacement. Let’s take a look at this project!

Background & Client: A Longtime Customer

We always aim to complete more than just one-off projects for our clients. Instead, we hope to build long-lasting relationships in which we can care for a customer’s roof throughout its entire life—and again when it’s time for a replacement.

Our client for this project was VFW Post 4171, the first commercial client Project Manager David Estes ever worked with during his time at Elite. We’ve developed a longstanding relationship with this veterans organization, completing further projects after the first one, and they called on Elite once again to restore this commercial roof. We were happy to continue this successful relationship!

The Project: Restore an EPDM and Asbestos Roof

No two commercial roofs are the same, with some featuring multiple materials used throughout the system. This roof, originally built many years ago, was a ballasted roof that included both asbestos and EPDM roofing. 

The building had begun leaking from multiple locations, which threatened the interior of the building along with important stock and equipment. It would be critical to address all leaks and restore the roof to address further vulnerabilities.

the ailing VFW roof that would later be restored with a GACO roof coating

The Challenges: Long-Lasting Solution at an Affordable Cost

When asbestos roofs begin to show signs of failure, it creates a uniquely difficult situation for building owners. First, the urgency of resolving the issue is even greater, as asbestos is now one of the most well-known carcinogens, widely used throughout the country in many manufactured goods, including flooring and roofing. And second, due to the danger of asbestos, demolition and cleanup carries a steep cost, as removal and disposal takes a great amount of care to avoid dust particles entering the air.

Our customer needed a cost-effective solution that would provide a long-term resolution to the ongoing risks without requiring an expensive demo project. In the end, a GACO roof coating arose as the perfect solution to their roofing issues.

The Result: Restoration Through GACO Roof Coating

After consulting with our customer about their needs and budget, Elite Roofing & Solar recommended GACO S4200 for the project. GACO S4200 is a silicone roof coating that can be installed over existing roofing systems to provide a durable, reflective roof coating that will last for many years. Thanks to its easy application and light weight, it requires no roof teardown—crucial for this project.

Our roofing team set about preparing the roof for installation of this coating. Our leak inspection had revealed multiple fractures in the roof that needed repair. We removed all rock from the roof, power washed the debris, and applied seam seal to all seams and fractures. With surface preparation complete, we then installed the GACO roof coating over the top.

The result was a commercial roofing system fully restored through GACO roof coating, all backed by a 20-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

a GACO roof coating newly installed on a commercial roof

GACO Roof Coating May Be the Restoration Solution You’re Looking For!

Is your commercial roof leaking or showing signs of damage? You may be able to avoid an expensive roof replacement by restoring your existing commercial roof. GACO offers many roof coating options that can add years to the life of your commercial roof, and the Elite team is well-versed in applying these durable coatings.

Contact the Elite Roofing & Solar in Denver team to learn more! We’ll work closely with you to evaluate your roofing system and help you understand your available commercial roofing options.

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