GAF Grand Sequoia Shingles: The Perfect Shake Alternative

Today, we’re highlighting one of our favorite shingles: Grand Sequoia from GAF

Many homeowners long to cover their roof with something outside the typical asphalt shingle norm. Among all the options out there for residential roofing materials, wood shake stands out due to its unique, natural appearance. For some homeowners, however, the drawbacks keep them away from wood shake—enter GAF Grand Sequoia shingles as an alternate option!

Grand Sequoia shingles, from renowned roofing manufacturer GAF, are the perfect alternative to a wood shake roof. These shingles provide the staggered, natural look of a wood shake roof while providing a host of benefits. At Elite Roofing & Solar, many of our customers have gone with GAF Grand Sequoia shingles for their roof and been delighted with their decision. Let’s take a look at why this material gets such high marks!

The unique look of wood shake…

Wood shake has been a popular roofing option for many years now, and a big reason for this is its unique, natural appearance. Wood shake roofs tend to make your home feel connected with natural surroundings. Against a backdrop of mountains or trees, a home with a wood shake roof just feels like it belongs. 

GAF Grand Sequoia shingles were designed specifically to emulate this aesthetic, and in our opinion, they pull it off splendidly! The Grand Sequoia line from GAF is available in a variety of colors directly inspired by typical wood shake finishes. What’s more, these shingles are arranged in the same staggered pattern as true wood shakes. Overall, this gives roofs that use these shingles a very natural chic!

…without the drawbacks!

While wood shake has remained popular over the years, it’s certainly not without its drawbacks as a roofing material. Let’s take a look at how GAF’s Grand Sequoia shingles perform better than wood shake roofs in many areas.

Fire resistance

One obvious drawback of wood shake is that wood is more of a fire hazard than other materials, such as asphalt. Although today’s wood shakes are specially designed to avoid this issue, it’s still a risk that sticks in the back of the mind of many homeowners. Grand Sequoia shingles carry the highest roof fire rating, UL Class A, meaning they’re highly resistant to fire.


The process of cutting and treating wood for shakes has pushed the price of this material a bit higher than your typical shingle. GAF Grand Sequoia shingles offer the same luxurious look of wood shake, but at a price that is typically lower than the cost of wood shakes.

Vibrant color

One other drawback of wood shake roofing is that the color of this material tends to fade with time. While some homeowners like the look of faded wood shakes, others would prefer their roof to keep its color for longer. GAF Grand Sequoia shingles maintain their color much better over the years, and GAF’s patented StainGuard® technology helps resist blue-green algae.

GAF: A trusted roofing manufacturer!

Finally, one further benefit of choosing GAF Grand Sequoia is that this line of shingles is backed by one of the leading brands in the entire roofing industry. Founded in 1886—yes, 135 years ago!—GAF has always been a leader and innovator in the roofing space. 

Beyond this, their materials are backed by some of the industry’s most powerful warranties. This means when you install a roof with GAF materials, you know you’re well-covered in the event that your roof becomes damaged somewhere along the line.

Consider GAF Grand Sequoia for Your Next Roofing Project!

Here at Elite Roofing & Solar, we work with only the top manufacturers and roofing materials available on the market. We’ve seen firsthand the beauty and durability of GAF’s reliable roofing materials, including their Grand Sequoia shingles. What’s more, as GAF Master Elite contractors, we’re proud to offer the best GAF material and workmanship warranties you can get!

If you’re looking to install a stunning new roof for your home, GAF Grand Sequoia shingles might be the perfect solution for you. Contact Elite Roofing & Solar in Denver today to start planning your roofing project!

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