Why GAF IR Shingles Are the Ideal Choice for CO Property Owners

GAF IR Shingles Can Stand up to Colorado’s Weather

From four seasons bringing hot and cold temperatures to the notorious hail storms we receive all along the Front Range, roofs in Colorado have a lot to put up with. Protecting your roof against the powerful forces of Mother Nature starts with choosing the right material. And when it comes to protecting your home against the worst Colorado storms, GAF IR shingles are the ideal choice.

GAF IR (impact-resistant) shingles are built to withstand powerful impacts without sustaining significant damage. This means your roof is less likely to be totaled when the next major hail storm sweeps through our area. That impact resistance can bring excellent savings, peace of mind, and much more. Let’s take a look at why our expert roofers at Elite Roofing & Solar often recommend GAF IR shingles for commercial roofing projects.

What GAF IR Shingles Are Available?

First, let’s take a look at what options GAF offers when it comes to impact-resistance. There are two main lines of IR shingles GAF makes: the Timberline ArmorShield II shingle and the Grand Sequoia IR. Both of these shingles provide excellent protection against impact damage, as each achieves Class 4 impact resistance from Underwriters Laboratories. Both also offer superior wind resistance, another major factor in roof damage due to storms.

The main difference between these shingles is in their aesthetic options. The Grand Sequoia line aims to emulate the appearance of wood shakes. This may be especially attractive to Colorado homeowners looking to replace their wood shake roofs. Timberline shingles, on the other hand, have options that are more akin to traditional shingles, with an excellent color selection to suit any home.

Protect Your Home Against Hail

The biggest reason to install impact-resistant shingles on your roof is to more effectively protect your home against hail damage. Hail is by far the leading cause of roof damage here in Colorado, where we see the most hail losses per capita out of any state in the U.S.

With a Class 4 rating for impact resistance, GAF IR shingles have the best chance against hail damage compared to less durable asphalt shingles. While not impervious to damage, these shingles are much less likely to be severely damaged by hail to the point where a roof replacement is required. Insurance companies often take note of this, which is why another common benefit of impact-resistant shingles is…

Greater Insurance Coverage

While not true for all insurance companies, most providers consider the type of material used for your home’s roofing system when determining the type and strength of coverage your roof is eligible for. In the past, for example, we’ve discussed how insurance providers are increasingly unwilling to cover materials such as wood shake due to the elevated risk of fire damage.

This works both ways, however! Many providers will offer better coverage for roofs protected by more durable materials, including impact-resistant shingles. This means that while impact-resistant shingles may cost more upfront than less durable options, they typically make up for the difference by reducing the need for repairs—and sometimes, by improving the insurance coverage for your roof.

Elite Roofing: Your GAF Master Elite Contractors

What’s better than installing GAF IR shingles? Having the installation completed by GAF Master Elite contractors, ensuring your roof is eligible for greater warranty coverage.

At Elite Roofing, we’ve held Master Elite status with GAF since 2013. That means our contractors are experts when it comes to working with GAF’s line of roofing products, and we’re able to provide better warranty coverage compared to other contractors.

By working with Elite for your GAF roof replacement, you’ll get an excellent-quality roof that can stand up to Colorado’s harsh weather, all backed by some of the best warranties in the roofing industry. If you’re looking to provide superior protection for your home, contact us today to start planning your project!

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