Hail Season in Colorado: A Look at Colorado’s 2016 Hail Storms

The 2016 storm season seems to be here to stay! Though the summer has just begun, we have already experienced some major storms that have left a path of destruction. If you live in or around the Denver area, chances are you have been impacted by at least one major storm. In today’s post we’re going to take a look at a few of the storms that have impacted the Denver metro area and share some insights as your hail damage experts.

Denver and Northeastern Colorado Hit with Tornado and Hail Damage

On May 23, a mega storm rolled through parts of Denver and northwestern Colorado. Tornadoes were spotted outside of Akron and Otis. Storm footage also revealed a mix of gale force winds and heavy rain and hail. Though no injuries were reported, lots of property owners have reported costly damage to homes including roofs and windows. Did you experience this storm? If so, did you seek shelter? Do have pictures of the damage? Please share them with us on our social channels.

Hail & Strong Winds Hit Denver’s Southside

Hail Season in Denver: A Look at Denver's 2016 Hail StormsOn June 6, a major hail storm hit parts of southern Denver and outlying areas of Douglas County. Golf ball-size hail was reported in Highlands Ranch leaving a trail of destruction, including broken windows, dented vehicles and damaged roofs. Property owners in Estes Park also reported hail damage. These strong thunderstorms could be seen throughout parts of the greater Denver metro and brought temperatures down dramatically. Temps were recorded in the low 50s in impacted areas while temperatures in northern areas of Denver were in the high 70s. Did you get caught in the June 6th storm? Have pictures? Please share them with us on social!

Tornado Threat for Colorado’s Eastern Plains  

Hail Season in Denver: A Look at Denver's 2016 Hail Storms

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On June 14, another mammoth storm hit Colorado’s eastern plains and parts of southern Denver. This one came with tornado warnings and more reports of golf ball-size hail. A concert at Red Rocks was temporarily delayed when the park was hit with torrential rain and hail just as concert goers began to enter the stadium. Those who had yet to enter were urged to return to their vehicles and wait out the storm while those inside were instructed to take shelter. The storm caught many area residents by surprise and caused plenty of property damage. Don’t forget to share pictures if you captured any of the June 14th storm!

Hail Damage Experts: Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection!

At Elite Roofing we are Denver’s go to hail damage experts. If you suspect that your roof sustained damage during one of the storms that recently hit the area, we encourage you to contact us today. Allow us to put our hail damage experts to work to inspect your roof and help you determine if you are in need of a repair or a complete replacement.

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