How to Ensure a Roofing Company Is Legit

Here’s How You Can Check If a Roofing Company Is Legit—or Not

The roofing industry has long been rife with scammers. While this situation has improved quite a bit in recent years, there are still far too many shady roofers out there. This means it’s as important as ever for homeowners to know how to check if a roofing company is legit as they bud out a project. While that low bid may be attractive, if the roofer can’t back up the work, it’ll likely cost much more—and certainly cause more headaches—in the long run.

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we’ve been called in far too often over the years to fix messes left behind by unethical roofing companies who routinely underbid, overpromise, and underdeliver when it comes to quality. As a homeowner, knowing how to check if a roofing company is legit is a crucial skill when evaluating competing bids. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Lowest Price, Most Complaints

Time and again in the roofing industry, the roofing companies that provide the lowest bids are the ones that get the most complaints. We see it over and over, where homeowners who took a chance on a cut-price roofer wind up airing their grievances with the BBB.

While we completely understand that roofing work can carry a significant, unexpected cost, you get what you pay for when it comes to construction projects and home services like roofing. High-quality roofing work will be well worth the upfront investment and peace of mind in the long run.

Know Who Will Be Doing the Work

One way that shady roofing companies keep prices and overhead low is by not maintaining a full-time roofing staff. While many roofing companies will use non-staff contractors from time to time, a company with minimal employees is not one you want to trust with your roof. This is because it’s simply impossible to predict the quality of work that will be done on your home, as the workers they employ will change from one day to the next.

As you vet roofing companies, be sure to ask plenty of questions about who will actually be doing the work on your home. If the roofer you’re speaking with seems uncomfortable or vague when answering questions about full-time staff, look elsewhere.

Look for Longevity

Starting a business is hard, and the majority of roofing companies go out of business within the first few years. This is especially true for companies that routinely underbid projects—in many cases, they simply don’t know their margins or overhead and can’t keep the doors open for long.

As a homeowner, this may not seem concerning, but there are a lot of benefits to working with a roofer you know will be around for years to come. For one thing, you can trust in any workmanship warranties they offer, as they’ll be around to stand behind their work. In addition, it enables you to form a lasting relationship with a roofer who will know the ins and outs of your roof. Once a roofer has installed a high-quality roof on your home, they’re the best roofer to repair and maintain it throughout its lifespan.

Elite Roofing & Solar: Roofing Denver Since 2008

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we’ve been the trusted roofing partner of countless homeowners throughout the Front Range for more than 15 years. Our motto is “Roofing Done Right,” and to us that means high quality, fair prices, and being a roofing partner you can trust to take care of your roof for years to come.

Knowing how to check if a roofing company is legit is no easy task, and when it comes to your home we know quality is of the utmost importance. With decades of roofing experience under our belts, our team is here to stay, and we’re ready to take care of your roofing needs. Contact us today to book an initial inspection!

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