Are Maxeon Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

Maxeon Solar Panels Provide Greater Efficiency and Service Life

One of the most important decisions to make when it comes to installing a new solar array is choosing which products to use. While many solar panels will provide significant cost savings, it’s important to consider how to maximize your investment with a major home improvement project such as solar. And for maximum performance, our team at Elite Roofing & Solar highly recommends Maxeon solar panels. Here’s why these panels are at the top of our list.

What’s Wrong with Other Solar Panels?

To start, it’s important to clarify that other solar panel products will produce plenty of energy for your home. After all, there’s a reason installing a solar array is so reliable when it comes to providing major savings on your energy bill.

However, many photovoltaic systems have drawbacks and inefficiencies that lead to suboptimal performance over the life of the system. In other words, while they’ll still save you money, they won’t save you quite as much as you could otherwise.

Common inefficiencies with many solar panels include white gridlines, which detract from efficiency by reducing the photovoltaic surface area; fragile metal paste that blocks light and corrodes with time; and cells that are rendered useless with even minor connection breaks.

Maxeon Solar Panels Are Better—and Better

Maxeon solar panels are engineered to overcome these major drawbacks (and more) to provide greater overall reliability and performance for your solar system. When first installed, Maxeon solar panels are able to deliver up to 25% more energy than conventional solar panels in the first year of operation. This results in immediate extra savings on energy costs.

More importantly, though, this gap doesn’t simply remain the same. In fact, Maxeon panels typically provide an even greater efficiency gap over time, providing up to 45% more energy in year 25 after installation. In other words, they’re better at installation and only get better with time compared to other panels.

All of this is due to improved degradation rates compared to conventional solar panels. While all solar arrays will degrade with time, Maxeon solar panels have the slowest degradation rates in the industry. This not only makes them more efficient as time goes on, but it also gives them a much longer expected service life of 40 years or more.

Looking to Maximize Cost Efficiency? Your Solar Panel Matters

For many homeowners, comparing different solar panels may come as a bit of an afterthought in the solar installation process. After all, before installing, you first need to assess the condition of your roof and review your finances, checking potential costs against your budget, potential energy savings, and rebates you can take advantage of.

But your choice of solar panel may just be the most significant overall cost factor. Not only do various products differ in upfront cost, but they also perform at different levels. As we’ve demonstrated above, Maxeon solar panels provide greater efficiency at the time of installation—and the gap between Maxeon and other products only widens with time.

This means that while your upfront cost may be more significant, the savings potential will be even greater as a result of choosing the top product on the market.

Optimize Your Savings with Maxeon Solar Panels from Elite

At Elite Roofing & Solar, Maxeon solar panels are one of our top recommended products due to their unbeatable savings. Not only do Maxeon’s panels outperform conventional systems immediately after installation, but this gap only widens as these top-quality panels degrade at a much slower rate. 

What’s more, Maxeon’s solar arrays have been extensively field tested, with efficiency and degradation rates established using data across 8 years, 800,000 panels, and 264 individual testing sites.

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