Meet Elite: Dave Estes

Meet Elite Denver Roofing Experts: Dave EstesWe had a great time following Dave around for the day learning about the vital role he plays in daily Elite Roofing business operations.

Meet Dave Estes. When you meet him, you won’t soon forget him. Dave’s fun-loving personality and attention to detail, make him an integral member of the team. Originally from Danvers, Illinois, Dave and his family now live in Highlands Ranch. Having worked in the roofing industry for four years, Dave uses his extensive understanding of the industry to help us grow as a company. Let’s get to know Dave a bit more…

Position: Business Development Manager, Denver Service Area

Hometown: Danvers, Illinois

Current City: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Favorite thing about Colorado: “The weather and skiing.”

Favorite thing about Roofing in Colorado: “The number of new people I get to meet.”

What type of roof best describes you? “30-year shingles because why waste money on others?”

Favorite Sport/Team: “Cubs

Why did you choose to work for Elite Roofing? “We have the best owners on this side of the Mississippi and our reputation is unmatched.”

If they named a planet after you, what would it be named? “Bacon, because who doesn’t like bacon?”

Eggs are best served how? “Over medium”

Favorite Family Activity: “Camping”

On the weekends you can find me “on the couch relaxing.”

Thanks for letting us follow you around, Dave and for working so hard to keep our customers happy!

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