Built Up & Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

Learn more about these asphalt-based commercial roofing systems

Commercial roofs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials that blend durability with practicality and cost-effectiveness. While these days membranes like TPO and EPDM get more attention, asphalt-based materials such as built-up roofing and modified bitumen roof systems still have a great deal of utility in commercial roofing applications.

The commercial roofing experts at Elite Roofing have installed and repaired a wide variety of roofs for business and property owners throughout Colorado’s Front Range. In that time, we’ve worked with most common commercial roofing materials you’ll find on the market. In today’s post, we’d like to highlight modified bitumen roof systems and built-up roofing, both tried and true materials that our expert roofers have specialized in over the years. Let’s get started!

Modified bitumen roof systems

Modified bitumen refers to a family of roofing membranes that consists of asphalt along with a plastic- or rubber-based polymer. Much like single-ply membranes such as EPDM and TPO, modified bitumen is sold in large rolls that are very straightforward to install on a flat roof. In many ways, this material is a hybrid between traditional built-up roofing and these newer membranes.

Why choose modified bitumen?

As a hybrid material, modified bitumen roof systems offer many of the benefits of both built-up roofing and single-ply membranes. Asphalt is a highly durable and affordable roofing material, so the outer layer of this material provides excellent protection. It is also highly flexible and simple to install, much like single-ply systems, and it also carries a similar pricetag. While the expected lifespan is around 20 years, modified bitumen is also very easy to repair and requires little maintenance throughout its life.

Built-up roofing systems

Perhaps the longest-lived commercial and flat roofing system in the industry, built-up roofing has been in use for at least a century or more. These roofs are created by using alternating layers of sheets (often bitumen or fabrics) and materials such as tar and gravel that “build up” to form a watertight, durable roof. 

Why choose built-up roofing?

Built-up roofing systems were long the favored choice for commercial roofing, and not just due to a lack of truly competitive alternatives. For one thing, BUR is highly durable, as the multiple layers of roofing material provide a completely watertight seal that can last for decades. Today, they remain one of the more durable roofing options, standing up well to impact and even foot traffic compared to materials such as TPO. While more labor-intensive to install, BUR is relatively inexpensive when looking at cost per year of service life. 

Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting roof!

For both BUR and modified bitumen roof systems, the secret to getting the most you can out of your roof is effective maintenance. Modified bitumen is relatively simple to repair, and while BUR can be trickier to fix, a professional roofing company specializing in these roofing systems can add years to the lifespan of your roof. Be sure to schedule regular inspections and always repair your roof as soon as it shows signs of damage!

Why partner with Elite Roofing?

Elite Roofing is Denver’s leading specialist when it comes to BUR and modified bitumen roofing. We’ve worked with asphalt-based commercial roofs throughout our time in business, helping to repair, maintain, and replace many roofs using these materials. In choosing the right roofer, it’s important to work with someone that specializes in your chosen roofing material, as they’ll be better equipped to care for your roof properly. Elite Roofing is the right roofer for the job!

Elite Roofing: Your Specialist for BUR and Modified Bitumen Roof Systems

Here at Elite Roofing, we offer a full range of services to keep your BUR or modified bitumen roof in perfect health. From regular preventative maintenance to reliable repairs that add years to the life of your roof, our experienced team is standing by to protect your commercial property. To schedule an inspection, or to get an estimate for a repair or replacement, contact us today!

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