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Phil Harris is the lead Project Manager with our affiliate company, CJ Roofing. Phil is one of our #1 Project Managers because of the consistent customer care he provides as well as his knowledge and expertise in roofing. If you are considering a roof replacement, trust Phil Harris with CJ Roofing just as hundreds of Colorado homeowners have. He has expert knowledge in the following roofing applications:

About CJ Roofing and Elite Roofing

Back in 2016 Elite Roofing bought CJ Roofing but kept the employees and great brand name of CJ Roofing. It can be confusing for customers when they see paperwork from Elite Roofing when they thought they were using CJ Roofing.

We want you to know–it’s ok! We are one and the same. Both CJ Roofing and Elite Roofing provide exceptional materials, workmanship and customer service. When you work with CJ Roofing, don’t be alarmed if you  see “Elite Roofing” on invoices, permits, and other paperwork.

Elite Roofing is a family owned, local Denver business. We’ve served Colorado for ten years and have an impeccable reputation (just check our reviews) because of our quality workmanship, high quality materials and complete dedication to an excellent customer experience.