Roof Permit: Why Your Roofer Needs One

Your roofer should pull a roof permit before performing any work on your roof. Here’s why.

Updated October 2022

roof permits

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we have blogged about the importance of finding a quality roofing contractor, and some tips for finding someone trustworthy. It is also extremely important that the roofing contractor you choose has pulled a roof permit with the city you live in before beginning construction on your home. Essentially, when a permit is pulled, it protects you as the homeowner in a variety of ways, from understanding that the contractor is licensed and insured to the inspection that will follow the work when it is completed.

Why are permits important?

Permits ensure that a 3rd party entity such as the city or town you live in, will perform an inspection of your roof and verify the quality of work performed by the contractor. A permit ensures a city inspector will come to your home, once the contractor states that the work is complete, and they will verify that the installation meets all city codes. City Inspectors are experts and know what exactly to look for to ensure your roof is installed properly.

Keeping records of work performed on your home is important for both future repairs and when selling your home. A permit proves exactly what work was done and when.

Do you need a permit to install roof solar panels in Colorado?

You may be wondering if permitting is required for solar projects as well. The short answer is yes, you will likely need some form of building permit to install solar panels on your home’s roof. The exact requirements vary throughout the state of Colorado, as many counties and cities have their own regulations for solar permitting. However, solar panel installation will typically require an electrical permit and often a roofing permit, as it’s common (and recommended!) to repair or replace a roof immediately before installing a new solar array.

The Permitting Process

The roofing contractor performing the work is responsible for obtaining a permit from the city before work begins. They notify the city once they have completed the work and the city will come and inspect the work once they have been notified that the work has been completed by the contractor.

A failed inspection from the city simply means that one or more elements of the city’s building code has not been met, and the issue must be corrected before the city approves the work completed by the contractor(s).

The average cost of a permit is around $130, but that the cost varies city by city, by size of the job, and what work is being performed.

What does it mean if a roofing contractor doesn’t pull a permit?

In order to get a permit, your roofing contractor must prove that they are licensed with each city, and prove that they are insured. As a homeowner this should be hugely important to you as it protects you should an unpredicted catastrophe occur during your roofing project, such as damage to your home or an injury on your property.

Some roofing contractors don’t pull a permit simply to cut costs, but oftentimes there are more serious implications when a contractor is not pulling a permit. It could mean that your roofing contractor is not registered with the city or town you live in—remember, if they are not registered with your city the contractor has yet to become licensed and prove that they are insured with your city officials.

The biggest takeaway we want you to have is that a roof permit protects both you as the homeowner, and us as the roofing contractor. With a 3rd party (the city) inspecting our work (or any roofing contractor’s work) you can be assured that your roof was properly installed and is within your city’s code.

How do I know if my roofer pulled a permit?

Curious to see if a permit has been pulled on your home? It’s easy to check! Most cities and counties have websites with search features that enable you to find permits pulled for a given property. Simply click on the link below on your city or county and follow the instructions on their website. For those not listed below, you will have to call your city or county’s Building Department.

Elite Roofing & Solar is here to help! Feel free to give us a call! We have all numbers handy!

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