How We Partner with Real Estate Agents

Elite Roofing Meets All the Unique Needs of Real Estate Agents

From residential to commercial roofing, we do it all here at Elite Roofing & Solar. But another unique line of service in the roofing industry is real estate roofing—that is, roofing work that must be completed before a home can be bought or sold.

A home sale often requires the seller to complete a number of home improvement projects before the transaction can be completed. This makes the partnership between realtors and roofing companies a crucial one. At Elite Roofing, we make real estate clients a point of focus for our team, and thanks to our experience in the industry, we’re able to complete roof repairs or replacements within tight timelines for homes about to be sold. 

Here’s why Elite Roofing makes the ideal partner for real estate agents throughout Denver and Colorado’s Front Range!

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Roofing Partners?

As realtors well know, roofing work is a common to-do item that homeowners must have completed before they can complete their sale. Unfortunately, given all the moving parts of the home sale process, it’s often an item that gets put off until the last second. This means real estate roofing projects often have very tight timelines—and a lot depends on the job getting completed on time.

Real estate agents often partner with roofing companies as they need someone they can trust to complete a roof replacement or repair not just skillfully, but quickly. With a roofing company already on call, realtors are better able to schedule necessary roofing work in time for the closing date.

How Elite Roofing Meets the Needs of Realtors

Real estate roofing presents uniquely demanding challenges that less experienced roofers can’t meet. At Elite Roofing, we’re always ready to spring into action for our real estate clients, and we routinely complete roof repairs or replacements in time for home sales. Here’s how our team gets it done.

We Can Work Within Tight Timelines

As closing dates are set, it becomes urgent for homesellers to finish all items on their checklist ahead of closing. In some cases, it may be a matter of a few short weeks—or even days—if a seller wants to avoid missing their deadline to sell. Elite Roofing can meet these demanding timelines without sacrificing the quality of work we do.

We Prioritize Real Estate Roofing Needs

Part of our ability to complete real estate roof repairs and replacements quickly is thanks to the high priority we place on these projects. When we get a call from a realtor partner, we work hard to fit their urgent roofing project into our schedule, even working during off hours as needed to complete the necessary roofing work.

We’re Highly Experienced

With more than a decade in the roofing industry, our team is highly experienced in all facets of residential roofing. From repairs to installation, and from asphalt shingles to metal roofing, our licensed and qualified team has the skills to work on any roof.

See Our Real Estate Roofing Team in Action!

Elite Roofing recently completed a roof replacement up in the mountain town of Idaho Springs, west of Denver. Between the high elevation, a long journey to get there, dirt roads, and—last but not least!—a timeline of only 72 hours, this was a demanding roofing project. But we came through for our clients in time for closing, making both the sellers’ and buyers’ lives easier.

You can read more about this real estate roof replacement in our recent Project Spotlight.

Elite Is Your Partner for Real Estate Roofing

We’ve completed numerous projects for real estate clients, and our realtor partners consistently praise our ability to meet the demands of their industry in a way that other roofers simply can’t. If you’re in the real estate industry and are in need of urgent roofing work, don’t panic! Get in touch with the Elite Roofing team and we’ll work with you to complete your project ahead of your closing date.

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