Roof Repair: When Is a Delay Okay?

Delaying a Denver Roof Repair Only Makes Sense in Rare Circumstances

A roof repair is most effective when completed promptly, as this will prevent further damage to your roof or a premature roof replacement. Because of this, it’s almost never a good idea to delay a roof repair, as Denver is notorious for strong storms and inclement weather that will take advantage of any weakness in your roof.

That said, at Elite Roofing & Solar we have come across rare circumstances where a roof repair could safely wait until spring, before the next hail season. Here’s when it may be safe to delay a roof repair—provided you’ve completed an inspection with a professional roofer.

Damage Is Only Cosmetic

Roof damage can be tricky. Sometimes, seemingly minor or subtle damage is actually a major vulnerability for your roof. In other cases, damage may look worse than it actually is.

The main type of roof damage that may not necessitate an immediate repair is cosmetic damage. For example, while metal roofs are highly resistant to all types of storm damage, hail may leave dings and dents that look serious—but these rarely penetrate the roof’s surface.

If this is the case for your roof, your roofer may give the all clear to complete your roof repair the following spring.

Weather Isn’t Permitting

On the other hand, more significant damage may not be wise to repair if there isn’t a wide enough weather window to complete the needed roofing work. For example, it’s very rare to complete a full roof replacement during the winter as there will be a period of time where your home is more vulnerable to the elements. 

In addition, certain roofing materials and products (such as glues) must be installed above a certain temperature. If temperatures have dropped too far, these materials will not set properly, leaving your roof less sound.

How Do I Know If It’s Okay to Delay a Denver Roof Repair?

All that said, delaying a roof repair is never something to take lightly. It’s important to know you’re making the right decision for your roof. Here’s how to know if delaying a roof repair is okay.

You’ve Consulted with a Professional Roofer

The only person with the expertise to say whether a roof repair can be delayed until spring is a legitimate, professional roofer. Roofers have years of experience closely inspecting roofs for potential vulnerabilities. No matter your circumstances, it’s crucial to schedule an inspection immediately.

If roof damage is major enough to require action now, they’ll advise you on the right path forward; if damage is minor or simply cannot be repaired under current weather conditions, they’ll help protect your home in the meantime.

You’ve Taken Steps to Protect Your Home

If a roof repair can’t be completed right now, it’s still important to protect your home as best you can. Your roofing partner should be able to install tarps or other protective elements to keep water from entering your home until the weather clears.

You’re Still Within Your Insurance Window

Many Denver residents assume a roof repair must be completed immediately in order to qualify for insurance coverage. However, while roof repairs should be completed promptly whenever possible, insurance companies may allow for up to a 12-month window to file a claim and repair damage. Even so, it’s important to check over your policy to make sure of the details.

Always Schedule an Inspection Before Delaying a Denver Roof Repair!

Even if roof damage seems minor on the surface, it could conceal much more significant problems lurking beneath. Because of this, it’s never a good idea to delay a roof repair without first consulting with a roofing professional.

At Elite Roofing, our team has decades of roofing experience and expertise in storm inspections and repairs. Our roofing contractors are available to fully assess the health of your roof and determine the next steps to take. Before winter arrives, be sure to schedule an inspection and complete any needed repairs! Contact us today.

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