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At Elite Roofing, we often hear from homeowners interested in learning about the benefits of repairing versus replacing a damaged roof. Like any home improvement project, no two roof repairs are exactly alike. In many cases, a roof repair can substantially prolong the lifespan of an existing roofing system. However, there are some cases in which it simply makes better financial sense to replace a damaged roof.

Get more out of your roof repair by partnering with top-rated manufacturers

We have been providing roof repair services for more than 10 years here at Elite Roofing. During that time, we have helped thousands of homeowners make educated decisions about the maintenance of their roofing systems. Having worked with the very best manufacturers in the industry for more than a decade, we understand the nuances of the roofing products on the market today. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you maximize the lifespan of your roof. Learn more about the top-notch manufacturers we proudly work with:

Roof repair: a fact of Colorado life

The rugged beauty of the Colorado Rockies also packs a big punch. Dealing with extreme weather including hail storms, wind gusts, and heavy snowfall is simply part of life in the Mile High City. One winter might bring the worst blizzards we’ve seen in years, while spring and summer storms can bring hail and wind gusts of up to 75 mph. And while these extreme weather conditions may seem like par for the course here in Colorado, the damage they leave in their wake can be substantial.

Prompt roof repairs from Elite Roofing

In many cases, damages from wind or storms can cost less than your insurance deductible. If you suspect you are in need of a few repairs, we encourage you to contact us rather than a salesman or your insurance company. When you contact Elite Roofing, one of our certified technicians will inspect your home for roof repairs before filing an insurance claim. In many cases, we can complete your repair while our service technicians are on site, without the need to contact your insurance provider.

At Elite Roofing we spend much of our time visiting homeowners after storms and extreme weather conditions, providing complimentary roofing inspections. We help homeowners get back on their feet after their properties sustain damage. If you suspect that your roof has recently been damaged, or you simply fear your aging roof is on its last leg, we encourage you to act now. If left exposed to the elements, a small problem can quickly become a much larger issue.

The hazards of leaving roof damage unaddressed

It may be tempting to ignore minor damage to your roof. However, minor damage can quickly compound into a major problem. A roof with even minor damage can expose your home to:

  • Rising energy bills
  • Water damage
  • Structural damage
  • Mold and mildew

Depending on the extent of the damage, your roof may be in need of replacement. However, only a professional roofing expert can help you determine if you should repair or replace your roof. In either case, don’t run the risk of exposing your home to further damage. Get in touch with a professional roofer today!

Schedule Your Roof Repair Inspection Today

Whether your home has recently been hit by a severe storm, or if you’d simply like to get your roof ready for winter, a roof inspection is always a wise move. At Elite Roofing, we offer free residential roof inspections to homeowners throughout the Front Range. We’re always eager to put our expertise to use in making sure your roof is ready for the next of Colorado’s four seasons. Check out our service areas, and allow us to help you understand your options and select the most cost-effective solution for your residential roof repair needs. Schedule your no-obligation roof inspection today

(Updated: September 2020)

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