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Project Spotlight: 72 Hour Idaho Springs Roof Replacement

Elite’s Contractors Replaced This Roof Just in Time for Closing

In today’s Project Spotlight, the roofing contractors at Elite Roofing & Solar managed to replace the roof of an Idaho Springs home just in the nick of time!

One area of roofing that’s given less attention is the importance of partnerships between roofing companies and realtors. During the selling process, homes are subject to a wide variety of inspections, and sellers often must address a checklist of issues before selling the home. This checklist can push closing dates back and lead to issues—so it’s important to work closely with professional contractors who can resolve any issues expertly, sometimes within tight timelines.

For this home, the roof was the last remaining item on the list to be replaced or repaired. With the closing date fast approaching and snowstorms bearing down on this Idaho Springs home, realtor Jason Putnik knew just who to call: Elite’s expert roofing contractors!

The Client: Idaho Springs Homeowners

The home whose roof needed replacing was located in Idaho Springs, a small mountain town to the west of Denver. With an elevation of over 9,000 feet, and multiple dirt roads along the way, this home presented a number of logistical challenges to reach for a pickup truck—let alone a whole crew of roofers and a trailer of roofing materials. 

The realtor working to get this home sale complete was Jason Putnik of Coldwell Banker Realty. Jason was already familiar with general manager Cody Hayes and the rest of the Elite Roofing team. According to Jason, he could always rely on Elite for short-turnaround inspections that are all too common in real estate. This project would be a much more difficult task, however!

The Project: A Full Roof Replacement

The service involved for this project seems straightforward enough: a residential roof replacement was needed so that the house could pass inspection and ultimately be sold. The homeowners had put in an insurance claim to replace the roof, and the roof was approved to be replaced due to hail damage. 

However, the trouble began here: the quote for the roof replacement was simply far too low to cover a professional replacement. Luckily, the experts at Elite Roofing knew what to do in this situation. Our team coordinated with the insurance company to get a more complete estimate that would fully cover the roof replacement. With the funds secured, it was time to get to work. Simple as that, right?

The Challenges: A Short Timeline

Typically, roof replacement projects require a fair amount of time to gather and transport materials, and of course to fully tear off and replace the existing roof. For this project, the replacement would need to be completed much quicker: with the closing date approaching, and severe mountain snowstorms looming in the forecast, the roofing contractors at Elite Roofing would have around 72 hours to replace this Idaho Springs roof.

This led to a host of logistical challenges. For instance, with a town as remote as Idaho Springs, Elite’s roofing contractors would need to plan carefully. Materials would need to be ordered accurately—as Cody Hayes explained, ordering too much would result in leftover materials, while ordering too little would result in extra trips to and from the property. Not only would these trips increase transportation costs, but they’d waste valuable time as well.

overhead view of Idaho Springs roof during replacement process

The Result: Replaced in the Nick of Time!

This was a uniquely challenging roof replacement project, but Cody Hayes and the Elite Roofing team were determined to get it done. Cody planned the logistics of this project very carefully, from ordering materials to selecting the right team that could adeptly navigate the steep slope of this unique roof.

In the end, the roof was replaced just in the nick of time! The roof was completed mere hours after closing, and the final inspection from the city was completed the following Monday. The sale was complete, and Idaho Springs had a pair of proud new homeowners—with a brand new roof, to boot.

Idaho Springs roof replaced by roofing contractors

Expert Roofing Contractors in Idaho Springs

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we pride ourselves on meeting the demands of unique challenges and tricky roofing projects. We’re proud of our team for completing this project within a very tight timeline and building a beautiful new roof in the process—one that would handle the next mountain snowstorm and the many more that will surely follow.

If you’re faced with a roofing challenge that seems impossible, get in touch with Elite Roofing! Our team is standing by to complete your inspection, repair, or roof replacement to ensure the house of your dreams includes the roof of your dreams, too.

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