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Jefferson County is one of the nation’s leading counties for sustainability, recognized in 2017 with a SolSmart gold designation for advancing solar power in the area. As a leading Jefferson County roofing and solar company, Elite Roofing and Solar is proud to contribute to the county’s ongoing sustainability efforts.

If you’re looking for the most trusted solar company in Jefferson County, look no further! At Elite, our partnership with SunPower enables us to provide the most reliable and long-lasting solar solutions for our customers, with installations that will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and can save you money on your energy bills.

Well Established in Colorado Roofing

Since 2006, Elite has been a leader when it comes to serving the roofing needs of residents throughout Colorado’s Front Range. That includes countless roof repairs and replacements completed in cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and throughout the region.

Our expertise in Colorado roofing is second to none, making us an ideal candidate to partner with a solar company looking to make an impact in an area like Jefferson County. We understand exactly the kinds of threats that damage roofs in our area, as well as how to protect against them for years to come. 

A Focus on Sustainability

Long before our solar company partnership, Elite Roofing has always had a focus on sustainability and monitoring the environmental impact of the projects we complete. We frequently recommend roofing materials that are more sustainable, whether it’s light-colored cool roofing systems for commercial projects, long-lasting tile roofing, or readily recyclable metal roofing, which continues to increase in popularity. We also aim to minimize material waste, both to keep customers’ properties clean and for the sustainability benefits.

Because of this commitment to sustainability, we have always looked for additional ways to serve the needs of green-minded customers. We jumped at the chance to partner with SunPower to begin offering solar installations, and our company is happy to provide excellent solar solutions throughout Jefferson County!

Proud to Partner with SunPower

When we began exploring the possibility of offering solar in Jefferson County, we knew our partner company would need to be one that values quality and service just as highly as we do here at Elite Roofing. 

We chose SunPower as our partner as they’ve been one of the top solar companies for nearly 40 years. SunPower is also unique in their industry due to their complete control over the manufacturing process. Rather than relying on separate manufacturers for various parts of their system, they handle each and every component—ensuring excellent quality throughout. 

The Ideal Pairing: A Roofing and Solar Company

The partnership between our roofing contractors and a solar company like SunPower means customers in Jefferson County and throughout Colorado get the best of both worlds. The longevity of a solar array depends not just on the quality of the components, but on the health of the roof supporting it. Between SunPower’s in-house manufacturing and our roofing expertise, you’re covered from all angles!

Elite: Your Roofing and Solar Company in Jefferson County

We’re proud to contribute to Colorado’s ongoing sustainability efforts and push Jefferson County even farther down the road to carbon neutrality. Our solar division aims to help you get the most from your new solar system by monitoring the health of your roof before installation, after installation, and throughout the life of your solar array. We’ll coordinate with SunPower throughout the process, and we’re always on standby to respond to the next Colorado storm and get your system back online.

If you’re looking to make 2023 the year you go solar, Elite Roofing and Solar, along with SunPower, are the team to get you there. Schedule your free solar consultation today!

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