Why You Should Only Trust Your Solar Install to an Experienced Roofer

Looking for Solar Installers in Denver? Choose an Experienced Roofer

Many homeowners are looking to go solar in 2023. It’s easy to see why, between savings on energy costs, installation incentives, and reducing your carbon footprints. But if you’re looking for solar installers in Denver to add solar panels to your home, consider partnering with a roofing company. Roofers make excellent solar partners because they can help ensure your new solar array lasts longer and doesn’t compromise your roof.

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we’ve partnered with SunPower to bring our customers the best in solar energy and roofing services. Backed by our roofing expertise, homeowners that work with us as their Denver solar installers can be confident that their solar array is expertly installed and that their roof remains in perfect condition. Here’s why you should choose a roofer for your solar installation project.

Ensure Your Roof Is Ready for Solar

While you may want solar for your home, it’s important to make sure that your roof is in good enough condition to support solar panels. The longevity of a solar array depends directly on the health of your roof. If it comes time for a roof replacement just a few years after your solar panels are installed, you’ll incur extra costs as your panels must first be removed before your roof can be replaced.

By choosing solar installers partnered with an expert Denver roofer, you can avoid this problem by first having your roof inspected and evaluated for solar readiness.

Complete Your Roof Replacement Before a Solar Install

If your roof isn’t ready for solar, there’s a further advantage to partnering with a roofing company for your solar install: They’ll be able to repair or replace your roof as needed before installing solar panels. Once completed, your new roof’s lifespan will align well with the lifespan of your solar array.

Protect Your Roof from Damage

Solar installers aren’t roofers. While they can be skilled at navigating on roofs and installing roof-mounted equipment, there’s still an increased likelihood of damage when other contractors work on your roof.

In addition, solar installation requires penetrating the exterior surface of your roof in order to mount solar panels. This is a delicate operation for solar installers to perform, as especially here in Denver, any gap left in your roof leaves it vulnerable to damage.

By choosing solar installers partnered with a roofer, you’ll have a roofing expert on standby to inspect your roof following your solar installation. Our expert roofers at Elite Roofing will thoroughly examine all penetrations made in your roof and repair any damage resulting from solar installation to ensure that your roof isn’t compromised. 

Coordinate Future Roofing and Solar Repairs

Following your solar installation, future storms that damage either your roof or solar array will likely also cause damage to the other. It can be a headache to find time on two separate contractors’ schedules in order to complete a repair. 

However, when you work with Elite Roofing & Solar, we’ll do the work of coordinating with our solar partners to complete a repair and minimize disruptions to your schedule. This means you’ll have any damage repaired more efficiently and with minimal effort on your part.

Elite Roofing & Solar: Leading Solar Installers in Denver

Long a leader in Denver roofing, Elite has now partnered with expert solar installers to bring our customers the best solar solutions in the entire Front Range. When you work with Elite Roofing & Solar, you get the best of both worlds, as our roofing experts will ensure the health of your roof throughout the solar installation process. 

SunPower, meanwhile, produces the highest-quality solar components available on the market. Between our industry-leading companies, you’ll get the best solar installation available, with a high-quality array that will provide power and energy savings for your home for decades to come.

If you’re ready to go solar, schedule your solar consultation today!

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