The Top Reasons for a Solar Roof Installation in 2022

Here’s why there’s never been a better time to install solar panels!

It’s now 2022, and there are more reasons than ever to look into solar roofing for your home. From reducing your carbon footprint to saving money on energy costs, Denver homeowners who schedule a solar panel installation this year will enjoy some truly excellent benefits and advantages over those who install later down the road.

At Elite Roofing, we’ve partnered with SunPower to provide expert solar panel installation in Denver and throughout the Front Range of Colorado. As Denver’s leading roofing company, we’re in a great position to help local residents get the most from their roof with a solar array. Here’s why 2022 is the year you should schedule a solar roof installation!

Take advantage of tax credits before they decrease

While solar panels carry a significant upfront cost, this installation price is significantly reduced by the many rebates and credits that are available to homeowners. In particular, the federal residential energy credit is a tax credit through which qualified homeowners can deduct up to 26% of the cost to install solar panels from their tax bill. And yes, that’s from the amount you owe on your taxes, not your taxable income!

This is a great program to take advantage of, but it won’t be around forever. In fact, the program will be reduced from 26% to 22% in 2023. This means interested Denver homeowners should schedule their solar panel installation this year to maximize their tax credit.

Save money on utilities

In addition to credits and rebates, solar panels pay for themselves given enough time. This is because they can greatly reduce or even eliminate your energy bills altogether. What’s more, these savings kick in the moment installation is complete—you should see a difference in price on your very next energy bill.

Of course, these savings only grow the longer you own your solar panels. After 8-10 years or so, most solar arrays have fully paid for themselves—which means for the rest of their service life, they’re producing pure profit. The sooner you install, the sooner you can access these savings!

Avoid volatility by getting off the grid

Energy prices aren’t set in stone. In fact, there are several factors that affect electricity prices at any given time. These fluctuations can often be unpredictable, causing your energy bill to suddenly increase from month to month.

With solar panels, however, you’re much freer from the volatility of electricity pricing that those on the grid have to weather. While you may still pull some electricity from sources other than your solar panels, the amount you rely on the grid will be greatly reduced—so you can avoid a nasty surprise in your next energy bill.

Reduce impact on Colorado’s natural resources

There are many environmental benefits to installing solar panels, as well. Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint by relying less on fossil fuels for energy. But while homeowners everywhere can feel good about these benefits, Denver homeowners who set up a solar panel installation for their homes will have a positive impact on our own local environment as well.

This is because the energy many Colorado homeowners use today comes from coal and natural gas extracted from the Rocky Mountains. By switching to solar, we can reduce the negative impact on the natural scenery that makes the place we call home beautiful.

Increase your home’s value

Looking to sell your home soon? What about in a few years? While it’s a seller’s market right now, that may not (and almost certainly won’t) always be the case. Because of that, it’s never a bad idea to look for ways to improve your home’s value. 

Installing solar panels on your roof adds a lot of value, as this is a feature that many potential homebuyers will love. This will help boost bids on your home and may even help you sell your home more quickly. 

Elite Roofing: Professional Solar Panel Installation in Denver

Elite Roofing has partnered with SunPower to provide expert solar panel installation throughout Denver and the surrounding area. SunPower is among the undisputed leaders in the solar industry, with more than 35 years in business. And as Denver’s leading roofing company, we make the ideal partner for solar roof installation, with the roofing knowledge to ensure that your roof is ready to support a solar array.

Looking to add solar panels to your roof in 2022? You’ve come to the right place! Schedule your solar consultation today to get started.

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