Synthetic Roof Tiles – The Eco-Friendly Solution

Guest Post by Michelle Greer of Brava Roof Tile

While the name might sound counter-intuitive, synthetic roof tiles really are better for the environment. Synthetic roof tiles, also known as composite roofing, are tiles made to replicate the exact look and style of slate tile, shake roof, and Spanish barrel tile but made from you guessed it—synthetic material. Synthetic roofing can be found with companies like Brava Roof Tile, and these tiles are quickly taking over the market not only for their improved cost and design of natural alternatives, but also for being so much more Eco-friendly than alternatives. Read on to hear a few reasons why so many responsible consumers are choosing synthetic.

Made From Recycled Material

While natural tile roofs such as slate or shake roofs exploit and deplete resources, composite roofing is made from 100% recycled material, making it one of the best decisions a modern homeowner can make. This roofing consists of various composite materials used before that will undoubtedly be recycled again one day- giving it a much longer life of reuse than natural tiles— which assuming all goes well will be used at best, only once.

Less Broken Material

To address the statement above, natural tiles break— and often. Typically arriving to construction sites damaged, these natural materials are then trashed and re-ordered to complete projects. The natural material is very brittle, and subject to damage throughout the life of the home, as well as before the home is even completed. This means it will be replaced many times, and result in more and more waste throughout the life of the homeowner.

Less Overexposure of Natural Resources

As natural tiles are purchased and used, more quarries are being exploited and drained of their natural resources. Often these quarries are over-used and left like a scar in the natural environment once all material has been removed. By choosing synthetic roofing, you can break this nasty habit and turn instead to recycled material to build your home. While composite roofing maintains the same great look of natural materials, it’s also guaranteed to last a lifetime, and won’t require repairs after storms. In choosing synthetic, you pick something that won’t require the exploitation of natural resources— ever.

Less Waste Overall

Because the recycled material of synthetic roofing won’t require repairs after unexpected storms or even after years of home-ownership, less waste is incurred overall with its purchase. Extra materials will not need to be ordered at any point during a homeowner’s life. Extra cost will not be incurred due to the weight or arrival of damage natural tile. Your roof can be completed on time and will be a purchase you feel good about.

By choosing composite roof tile, you also make a decision that’s best for your wallet. Backed by a 50-year warranty, these materials are meant to last, and you can rest easy (even during high winds) that your roof isn’t going anywhere. Natural slate tile and Spanish roof tile often require additional construction to support the extra structural weight to your home— just one more thing you won’t have to worry about when choosing synthetic.

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