3 Little Known Benefits to Upgrading Synthetic Shake Shingles

Synthetic Shake Shingles May Be the Wood Shake Upgrade You Need

Wood shakes have long been used as a lightweight roofing material and a popular alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. However, these roofs have fallen out of favor due to the risk of fire and issues with insurance coverage in Colorado, among other things. If you have a wood shake roof, switching to synthetic shake shingles may be the best option to maintain the current aesthetic of your home while gaining access to several unique benefits.

At Elite Roofing and Solar, our goal is to build beautiful roofs that will add curb appeal to your home while also bringing more practical and functional benefits. We’ve worked with synthetic shake shingles for years and have seen the benefits of this material firsthand through many projects. Here are three of the biggest benefits when you upgrade your wood shake roof to synthetic shake shingles.

1. Reduce Fire Risk

For as long as wood shakes have been in use—several centuries, at least—this material has faced the same major drawback when used in roofing: fire risk. Wood is, of course, a highly flammable material, and using wood for your roof can leave your home at a higher risk of fires.

While advances have been made in the manufacturing of wood shakes that help to reduce this risk, the fact remains that wood shakes present a fire hazard, particularly in dryer regions like we have here in Colorado. 

Synthetic shake shingles, on the other hand, are manufactured to look like wood shakes while making up for their biggest drawback. Unlike wood shakes, synthetic shakes are highly fire resistant, providing a more reliable layer of protection for your home.

2. Lower Your Insurance Liability

As the risks of wood shakes have become more and more well-known—such as during major fire events like the Marshall Fire of 2021—insurance companies have been less and less willing to provide coverage for wood shake roofs. In fact, as we discussed in a previous post, wood shakes roofs are unlikely to be covered at all, as insurance companies find that the risks are far greater than would be worth it.

Synthetic shake shingles, on the other hand, avoid this risk and can help to reduce your insurance liability. Impact-resistant varieties will go even farther when it comes to potentially lowering your premiums or improving insurance coverage, as in addition to resisting fire these shingles will also protect against hail, one of Colorado’s most notorious roofing hazards.

3. Going Green

Wood shakes have often been seen as a somewhat sustainable roofing material. While they require wood to manufacture, disposal is simple, as wood is a readily biodegradable material. 

However, synthetic shake shingles go even farther when it comes to sustainability. This is because many materials used to make synthetic shake shingles are easily recyclable, and many synthetic shingles are made using previously recycled materials. 

Bonus: Get in Ahead of Colorado Regulations

Many Colorado counties and municipalities have mandates requiring newly constructed roofs to use fire-resistant materials. While these regulations don’t often require homeowners to replace existing wood shake roofs, the clock is ticking—and some local governments have made this a requirement, as the City of Boulder did around a decade ago.

Replacing your wood shake roof now will help you to avoid scheduling headaches in the event that future mandates require homeowners to switch to new roofing types. Not only that, but you’ll have greater safety, peace of mind, and insurance coverage after making the switch.

Contact Elite Roofing Today About Our Synthetic Shake Shingles!

Synthetic shake shingles are a durable, safe, and aesthetic alternative to wood shakes that can maintain the rustic character of your home while providing a host of excellent benefits. We’ve installed these roofs for homeowners throughout the Front Range, and we’re always impressed by the variety of colors and designs available to perfectly suit each home.

If you’re looking to replace your wood shake roof, synthetic shakes are often the perfect option. Contact Elite Roofing today for an inspection and estimate!

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