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We recently replaced this roof in Highlands Ranch with tile roofing materials, learn more about the benefits of a tile roof.

Boral Split Old English Thatch. Color| Westerntrail

Boral Split Old English Thatch. Color| Westerntrail

Recently, Elite Roofing & Solar completed this concrete tile roof in Highlands Ranch. The type of tile the owners selected is called Boral Split Old English Thatch and the color is called Western Trail. Many home owners elect to go with tile roofs because of the discount some insurance companies offer for doing such in hail regions. Boral Roofing is a premier provider of concrete tile, clay tile and other roof tile products throughout the United States. Here’s a bit more information of Boral Roofing’s products:

Boral Roofing’s concrete roof tile products are synonymous with enduring protection from the elements – in all climates. Now, with recent certification through the Roof Covering Impact Certification Program sponsored by Architectural Testing and recognition from Insurance companies in hail prone regions, homeowners will have even greater peace of mind choosing Boral Roofing. Boral tiles received the highest ratings possible using the Factory Mutual (FM) testing methodology for hail impact. And, Boral Roofing certified products withstand hail testing using up to 1-3/4” ice balls with no special clauses related to denting as with metal or asphalt shingle roofing products. Homeowners may now qualify for insurance reductions when choosing one of the following certified Boral Roofing hail rated products: Split old English Thatch, Villa, Saxony Slate, Saxony Shake or Madera 900.

To qualify for insurance reductions, your roofing contractor must verify that one of the certified Boral Roofing tile products was installed. Significant premium discounts may be offered in the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Contact your local insurance agent for premium discounts offered.

Elite Roofing & Solar Denver is highly experienced in the installation of both concrete tile roofs and clay tile roofs. If you are considering a tile roof of any sort, contact us today! We can inspect your current roof to see if there is hail damage and potentially have your insurance company cover a portion of the roof replacement. Fill out the form below to schedule your free inspection today!

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