Types of Tile Roofs: Understand Your Options

Types of Tile Roofs: Understand Your OptionsTile roofs are not only beautiful architectural elements but they are incredibly durable. Whether you are considering installing a tile roof for the first time or you’re interested in replacing an aging roof, it’s important to consider both form and function. Let’s take a closer look at the 4 most common types of tile roofs.


Types of Tile Roofs

Made from clay and concrete, these tile roofs come in 4 distinct patterns.

Mission Style

Mission style roof tiles provide an old world aesthetic with a long lifespan. Complete with high profile barrels, these roofs create dramatic shadows that make a statement in changing sunlight. Choose from multiple applications including staggered or straight rows and mortar boosted for a more rustic appeal.

French Style

A lower profile option, French style tile roofs are a popular look among architectural enthusiasts. These beautiful tiles are some of the most sculptured on the market today. The unique shape of these tiles also produces a stunning shadowing effect.

Interlocking Shingle Style

The flat interlocking design of these roofing tiles delivers a refined, understated look. The simplicity and elegance of interlocking tile shingles compliment virtually any architectural style.

Spanish Style

Spanish tile has been an architectural favorite for centuries. The single barrel design delivers a beautiful ripple effect. This stunning old world look also compliments any building style.

Clay vs. Concrete Tile Roofs

If you are considering investing in a tile roof, it’s important to determine if clay or concrete is the right pick for your needs. While tile roofs are more expensive than traditional composition shingles to install, the total cost of ownership is in fact most lower. Concrete shingles have been known to last upwards of 50 years will clay tile roofs can last up to 100. Concrete roof tiles have an average water absorption rate of 13%, while clay tiles typically have an absorption rate of about 6%. The higher water absorption rate of concrete tiles can lead to mildew and staining. However, clay tiles have the propensity to crack in freezing and thawing environments. Before selecting a tile roofing application, be sure and consult with a roofing expert in your area.

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