What Are Solar EPC Companies?

You May Have Heard of Solar EPC Companies, but Why Are They Better for Solar Installation?

When it comes to completing a solar installation on your home, you’ll have no shortage of companies to choose from. Solar is an up-and-coming industry, and with a multitude of financial incentives that make solar more affordable than ever, now is certainly a great time to buy. It’s important to choose your installation partner carefully to get the most from your investment, and we’d recommend going with an EPC company for the job. But what are solar EPC companies, anyway?

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we’re one of the few solar installers who will complete your full installation entirely in-house. We feel this provides numerous benefits to homeowners, and as a solar EPC company ourselves, we’re sharing some more information about what this means.

What Are Solar EPC Companies?

EPC stands for “Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.” When it comes to solar installation, EPC companies are those few providers who will complete the full installation process entirely in-house, from start to finish.

Solar EPC companies maintain a full in-house staff that can handle a solar installation process from start to finish. This means they have experienced team members with expertise in all phases of solar installation, rather than relying on third-party contractors.

How Is This Different from Other Solar Companies?

Oftentimes with solar, the key parts of your installation (that is, the engineering, procurement, and construction) will be completed by at least two separate companies. This is typically because most solar vendors don’t actually have the needed electrical expertise on staff to fully install a solar array. While they will be happy to sell your solar panels, they’ll offload the installation to another contractor.

To add another layer to this, some companies will include “EPC” in the description of their company. However, it’s important to read carefully, as many of these companies are actually just vendors who work with an EPC partner. This is a third-party company who will complete much of the work on your home, and with the added layer of separation, it can be difficult to research the true quality of their work.

However, when you work with an EPC like Elite Roofing & Solar, you’ll find that we employ a full-time master electrician in order to keep all portions of the installation process in-house. That means when you work with Elite for your solar installation, the Elite team will complete the project.

The Benefits of Solar EPC Companies

Now that you understand what solar EPC companies are, let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of choosing one for your solar installation.

  • Streamlined Installation – Because the same company will be selling, planning, and completing your solar installation, the installation process is much simpler to schedule.
  • Greater Accountability – If your solar array becomes damaged, or if there is an issue with the installation, you won’t be left calling multiple companies to figure out who has the responsibility of fixing it.
  • Easier Communication – Similarly, if you have any questions throughout the installation process or after your solar array has been installed, you’ll always know exactly which company to call.
  • Better Quality – While vendors and installers working with EPC partners can certainly provide a functioning solar array, true EPC companies are better able to control the quality of installation and provide transparency about the exact products being installed.

Book Your Solar Consultation Today!

At Elite Roofing & Solar, we’re proud to be one of the few true solar EPC companies serving customers throughout Denver and the Front Range of Colorado. We maintain a full in-house staff to complete the process of installing your solar array from start to finish. 

As a company with decades of roofing experience, we also inspect your roof before and after installation to ensure no portion of your roof was compromised. And on top of all that, we cover all projects with our Roof Shield Warranty, which protects all portions of your roof where your panels have been installed.

Ready to make 2024 the year you go solar? Book your consultation today!

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