Brie Reis: Get to Know Our New CEO

Brie Reis: Elite Roofers new CEO

Brie Reis: Elite Roofers new CEO

In February of this year, our leadership team made the strategic decision to name Brie Reis CEO of Elite Roofing. This exciting development marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter here at Elite. In less than a decade, Elite has grown from a little-known startup to Denver’s premiere roofing company; an accomplishment that, in many ways, can be attributed to Brie’s tenacity and business savvy.

Brie was the fourth employee at Elite, joining the team in June of 2010. Over the past nine years, Brie has helped shape Elite in every sense of the term. Having held many positions and tackled countless challenges head on, Brie has been an integral member of the team since her first day on the job. It was with great pride that the entire Elite family announced Brie’s new appointment.

How it all Began

At just twenty-three, and admittedly still trying to decide what she wanted to be when she grew up,’ Brie came to work at Elite as an admin. Her choice to take the position is still what motivates her today; working for a family company. Brie’s brother Randy Brothers is the founder of Elite. What began as any entry level position, at an unknown company, has proven to be one of the biggest opportunities of Brie’s life. Over the past 9 years, Brie has worked her way up, wearing many hats and helping make the strategic decisions required to successfully scale one of the nation’s fastest growing roofing companies.

One of the most important roles Brie has played has been establishing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that have enabled Elite to meet challenges and flourish as a result. One such example was two years ago, when Brie headed up an initiative to begin accepting online payments, just in time for storm season. In streamlining payments, the Elite team has been able to simplify things for their customers while increasing cash flow during the company’s busiest time of year.

Of her countless accomplishment at Elite, one of which Brie is particularly proud is her strategic role in establishing a middle management team. Though by some accounts, this move could be considered premature, Brie saw the need to establish a clear leadership structure in order to position the company to scale. This foresight enabled Elite to do just that; exceeding year over year growth goals for the past nine consecutive years. In fact, this scalable model positioned Elite to be named 3,597 on the 2018 Inc. 5000 List of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. Expected to climb this prestigious list in 2019, Elite Roofing is just getting started. Under the sage leadership of Brie Reis, the sky is truly the limit.

When establishing her middle management team, Brie proudly hired all but one of her leaders from within. She worked with and groomed these team members, most of whom joined Elite just as she had, in an administrative capacity. Today she is extremely proud of this team of young professionals who have grown immensely, both personally and professionally, since they first came onboard.

A New Chapter

Though Brie will joke that the transition as already been ‘heavy,’ she is once again tackling her new challenge with enthusiasm and poise. As a young, black female CEO in the construction realm, Brie is excited about the platform her new position will provide. From an internal perspective, she looks forward to being a part of the edge that will bring Elite to the next level.

In the coming months and years, Brie plans to establish Elite as more than a leader in the residential roofing industry but as a force to be reckoned with in all facets of roofing. Thanks to many of Brie’s SOP’s, Elite has developed a proven storm-based business model, that caters to the needs of homeowners when they need it most. It is Brie’s goal to develop highly effective SOP’s to enable Elite to lead the charge in commercial roofing, repairs and many other disciplines.

As she looks to the future, Brie aims to leave a legacy at Elite, long after she is gone, of human growth. She hopes to continue to mentor and assist her team in reaching their true potential; both professionally and personally.

Getting to Brie’s Personal Side

When she’s not at Elite, Brie is busy at home with her family. Brie and her husband are the proud parents of a blended family of six. Together they are raising a family ranging from age eight to twenty-five. Brie and her husband have started and continue to lead a Blended Family Group, where members meet, share, connect and grow together as both friends and parents.

During her limited free time, outside of parenting or leading the group, she also occasionally finds time for cross stitch and poetry and has even tried her hand a rapping. Brie’s love of family is her grounding force, which helps her make a positive impact in virtually everything she does.

Words of Wisdom

When asked what advice she would give to young women with dreams of one day entering a leadership or executive role, Brie of course shoots it straight.

“Walk into every room as if you belong there, because you do. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, you deserve a seat at the table. The thought that you’re a young woman shouldn’t even cross your mind, it’s irrelevant.”

Congrats Brie!

On behalf of everyone at Elite Roofing, we would like to congratulate Brie for all she has accomplished both personally and professionally. We are so very excited to see where the company will grow under her leadership. Cheers to the next chapter!

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