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State of the Roofing Industry in Colorado

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It can be hard to keep track of the shifting Colorado roofing industry. Between the changing of the seasons, new regulations, and of course the COVID-19 pandemic, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty regarding what roofing options are available and how roofing services can be delivered. For us to provide the best roofing

Why You Should Hire an Established Roofing Company

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When it comes time to choose the right Denver roofers, it’s generally best to pick a well-reviewed, local company with the right certifications, a solid guarantee, and fair prices. But there’s one factor that might matter most of all: experience. When you hire a well-established Denver roofing company with excellent reviews, you’re more likely to

The History of Roofing Contractors in Denver

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Roofing is hardly a new line of work, but sometimes new regulations and requirements can completely reshape the industry. Whether it’s safety requirements or consumer protections, it’s important to stay updated on any new changes to how roofing contractors do business in Denver. At Elite Roofing, our motto is “Roofing Done Right.” On top of

Inspecting and Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

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Keeping your commercial roof in good repair is a key part of protecting your livelihood. And when it comes to extending the life of your roof, nothing beats a solid inspection and maintenance routine. But what should this entail? As professional commercial roofing contractors, our Elite Roofing team has helped many business owners with roof

Your Guide to Green Denver Commercial Roofing

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A couple years ago, the commercial roofing scene in Denver was shaken up by the city’s new Green Buildings Ordinance. This act, which applies to buildings with roofs of 25,000 square feet or more, aimed to make commercial buildings in the area more eco-friendly. Businesses can comply with the mandate in a variety of ways,

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