Castle Rock Hail Damage: the 2019 Storm Season is Officially Here

It doesn’t get much better than springtime in the Rockies. As we all thaw out from the winter and begin planning for our favorite summer activities, we also need to start preparing for Colorado’s infamous storm season. With it comes beautiful lightning shows, major rain falls, gale-force winds and even heavy hail storms.

The first major storm of 2019 hit the Front Range on the evening of June 8, packing a major punch and leaving a lot of damage in its wake. While we have experienced small hail and wind storms already this year, Saturday storm was by far the biggest. Tennis ball sized hail was reported around 7:15 pm, just 3 miles from the heart of Castle Rock. In addition to the Castle Rock hail damage, Henderson, Lafayette, Brighton and other Northern Denver suburbs were also hit with major hail damage.

Was Your Property Damaged?Hand holding golf ball sized hail in Castle Rock.

Was your property hit by Saturday’s storm? If so, chances are, you sustained at least some degree of damage. The good news is however, minor hail or wind damage is not always indicative of the need of repairs. While we always recommend leaving roof hail damage inspections to the professionals, there are some signs you can look for from a safe vantage point on the ground. We encourage you to walk the perimeter of your property and to check for signs of hail or wind damage, not only to your roof but, to your vehicles, windows, siding and other vulnerable areas. When observing your roof, look for the following:

  •       Loose or missing shingles
  •       Curling singles
  •       Dents in gutters, vents and facia
  •       Loose asphalt granules on the ground around the perimeter of your home
  •       Exposed areas of black substrate, on your shingles, where granules used to be

If you see any of these signs, it’s a good idea to contact a Castle Rock roofing company to schedule a professional inspection.

Time is of the Essence

One major mistake homeowners makes is not acting quickly after sustaining storm damage. This is a concern for several reasons:

Insurance Coverage

Depending on your insurance coverage, you have a specific amount of time in which you can make an insurance claim following an incident. While this grace period will differ from provider to provider and policy to policy, you have a predetermined amount of time to make your claim. Putting things off can place you in danger of not being able to file a claim.

Further Damage

In addition, by allowing your Castle Rock hail damage to remain unaddressed, you run the risk of having a larger problem on your hands in the future. Erosion of shingle damage can continue, causing a compounding problem. A small leak today can become larger water damage in just a matter of days or weeks as summer storms continue.  In other words, what may begin as a minor roof repair can quickly become a major problem, or even a roof replacement, before you know it.

Schedule Your Castle Rock Roof Hail Damage Inspection Today!

At Elite Roofing, we are proud to be Castle Rock’s leader in storm damage repair. Our experienced team is here to help you through every stage of the process. Don’t allow a small issue to become a costly problem, schedule your free, no-obligation roofing inspection today!

Did we mention that while we’re on your property, our professional roofing inspector will also provide a comprehensive inspection of your windows, siding, fencing and gutters? Allow us to help you determine if Saturday’s storm did in fact cause property damage that needs to be repaired. Schedule your free inspection today!

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